The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the bridal party's floral bridesmaid dresses match the cheery atmosphere of this marquee wedding perfectly. As do the immense wildflower hanging installation and milk churn arrangements which I'm sure will make their way onto your Pinterest board as you swoon over this stunning Summer wedding.

What Made Our Day Unique

It sounds cliché, but we think it’s our family and friends that made our wedding day special. From all of the help in the run-up, supporting and celebrating with us in the ceremony, taking in the beautiful scenery together, savouring the delicious food and wine, getting fully stuck into the fancy dress and glitter, shotting from the skis, laughing (and crying) at the speeches, hoisting us onto their shoulders and never for a second letting the dance floor get anything near to being empty. It is those MAD, HAPPY and LOVING people that will make our marriage just as special as our wedding day!

Lottie & Alex

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

The tradition behind bridesmaids all wearing the same dress in a chosen block colour originated a long time ago and was thought to ward off bad spirits by confusing the intended enough to allow the marriage to still take place. Nowadays, bridesmaids opt for mismatched dresses, different lengths and even floral bridesmaid dresses like our gorgeous bridal squad today. We think they look absolutely stunning in their French Connection, wrap dresses, matching the clear blue sky and wildflower arrangements beautifully. Talking of the wildflowers, did you see the handing installation? STUN.NING!

Inspiration & Styling

Our wedding planning started with a doodle of a little horse in a boat. Alex's family love sailing and the sea, and Lottie grew up at Berriewood, a riding stables in landlocked Shropshire! As well as being good procrastination this picture illustrated the coming together of our two worlds, and that turned into our little emblem! To continue the boat theme  we would describe the vibe as “flotsam and jetsam” because we floated all of our ideas out there to consider… and then just decided to keep them all instead of having a specific theme. So it was a big old mix of horses, boats, fancy dress, wildflowers, delicious food, loads of booze, great music, glitter and a pair of shot skis for good measure!

Lottie & Alex
Some great advice from Lottie and Alex for couples planning their wedding - "Accept as much as help as possible! Not just because many hands make light work, but because it’s an amazing feeling to have so many people who you love all working together to achieve something special! Having both families, and many family friends helping out around the farm on the run-up to the wedding was just the most wonderful thing. So many happy memories! Plus, everyone loves to be involved, be invested, and be part of it! A bit like the marriage really." There are many ways you can incorporate your loved ones in your day, and here are a few of our favourite informal roles in a wedding.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Venue: Berriwood Farm | Marquee: Tents and Marquees | Wedding Dress: Essense of Australia | Bridal Boutique: Shropshire Brides | Bridesmaid Dresses: French Connection | Grooms Suit: Dobell | Waistcoat: Neal and Palmer | Shoes: Light up flashing trainers via Etsy | Food: Roslin Catering | Florist: Cathy Winch | Hair Stylist: Molly at Brown's Hairdressers, Shrewsbury | makeup Artist: Rachel Davies  | Entertainment: The Cash Cows | The Lux Band | Gift List: The Wedding Shop | Hie: Shropshire Wedding hire | Pocket Square: Rampley & Co

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