With the Bank Holiday fast approaching, there's only one place we want to be: soaking up the sunshine with friends. Fortunately - given the forecast (sigh) - Ashley & Nick have laid on the most epic garden party wedding for us, with fabulous florals (peonies, people, peonies!), beautiful bold colours inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and the best garden party game: piñata. With Halfpenny London separates and a fantastic flower crown thrown in for good measure, this wonderful wedding may be in the rolling British countryside but it will trick you into thinking you're half a world away.



"We wanted our wedding to feel fun and vibrant, and to transport our guests away for the day. We aren’t really very traditionally English so bunting, pastels and three-course meals weren’t going to be our thing. We love the art and food of Spain, Mexico and Italy, so al fresco summer dinner parties were a big inspiration. We came up with the tagline, ‘Frida Kahlo summer garden party’, and tried to create a modern, bright, continental feeling. The courtyard lights, gorgeous flowers and rustic wooden beer-hall style tables achieved that sense of a dinner party with all the people we love." - Ashley & Nick

'Frida Kahlo' Flower Crown

Using the vibrant colours of Frida Kahlo as inspiration - alongside the iconic image of her flower crown - is genius, and this eye-catching wedding has RMW's editorial team all a flutter. The bridal bouquets, with their coral and white peonies, are beautiful, and how immense are the tablescapes, with such bright and bold colours. The table flowers - bought wholesale and arranged by Ashley - mix modern greenery with pinks, oranges and yellows, helping the barn feel summery and not stuffy, and perfectly complement the hanging floral installation by Moss & Stone, which gives the space a botanical, Mediterranean feeling.



"The best advice we were given was not trying to do too much by ourselves. We are planners by nature, but had to learn to bring others in and get used to the idea of not doing it all DIY! We would also caution against feeling pressured by vendors, especially with wedding dresses; everyone will tell you your day is “so close”, and I’m glad I found a boutique that wasn’t trying to ‘sell’ me on a dress. Finally, I would suggest being sure to pause at various points during the day, even whilst getting ready. I rushed out the door without checking my bra was on correctly and had to subtly hold it up throughout the ceremony!" - Ashley & Nick

Did you notice how Ashley was escorted down the aisle by not one, but two, different men in her life? It was important to our bride that she was not 'given away’, so her father walked the first half with her and her stepfather the second half, before she took the final few steps towards her groom solo. This is what we love about modern weddings: the opportunity to follow or ignore traditions as you see fit. Our post, Wedding Traditions (And Why It's Ok To Ignore Them), will give you the confidence to plan your day, your way (and for a peek into what other couples are doing, be sure to also bookmark How To Get Married in 2019).

Victoria Honan

Written by Victoria Honan

Venue: Abbey Hall | Bride's Dress: Halfpenny London | Veil: eBay | Bride's Shoes: Aldo | Groom's Suit: Walker Slater | Hair and Make Up: Sally Kvalheim | Florist: Moss & Stone | Catering: Alex Chef | Stationery: Sail and Swan

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