Here come the girls! Calling all you single ladies (plus you married and taken ones, all the gals are welcome here)! In case you didn’t know, today is Galentine’s Day! Do you have any exciting plans? If you do, great! But if you’re struggling to think of something to do or how to best celebrate the day, then consider us your BFF. We’ve rounded up the best Galentine’s theme ideas with something for everyone. We’ve got something for the food lovers, the crafty girls, the outdoorsy type, the girly girls and the ones that are totally anti-love. Plus, we also have included an extensive list of Galentine’s games and activities for you to do!

36 Galentine’s theme ideas with activities and games to play!

What is Galentine’s Day? 

It’s exactly what it says it is. A day for the girls! Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating the female friendships in your life. It was originally meant to show some love and appreciation for all the single ladies who wouldn’t be getting something for Valentine’s Day. However, we like to think of it more as just a day of celebrating friendship! Valentine’s Day can be a sad or lonely holiday for anyone who doesn’t have a special someone, Galentine’s Day gives us the chance to remind our friends that they’re great enough to be loved by a whole crew. Whether your friends are single, in a relationship, or married, everyone will have a blast at your party.

How to decide on a Galentine’s day theme?

First and foremost, you will have to decide what theme to go for. Having a theme is not mandatory but it will give you ideas to chalk out the decor, food, and games in a cohesive manner. A theme can be as basic as just a colour code or as fancy as a spa day or karaoke night. 

Things to consider 

  1. The time of the day and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor activity. 
  2. How much are you ready to spend for the entire party? Think of a rough estimate while brainstorming the theme.
  3. The preference of your girlfriends in general. Planning a hike but Sarah hates sports? Go back to the drawing board. 
  4. Consider the preparation. You may have less participation or cancellation from your gals if this is something they need a lot of notice or money for. 

Dress Code

The theme of your Galentine’s Day celebrations obviously will impact your dress code. Are you carrying on the theme through your clothes? You could do animal prints, heart patterns, florals, sexy satin PJs, pink and red clothing, all-black clothing (for mourning the single era), or dressing up as characters or your favourite couple, just have fun with it! 

Send Invitations 

The cosiest Galentine’s Day parties take place at home, but going to a different location can give you more activity options. A bowling alley, a paint and sip studio, a rooftop bar, or a spa are some other venues that can help you throw an unforgettable party. If you decide to host your party somewhere else, make sure you contact the venue beforehand to see if you need to make any reservations. If you’re lucky, you may be able to score a group discount or other cool perks!  

Once you’ve decided on the setting, time, theme and dress code, you can send out your invites! Canva is your friend for this unless you happen to have a talented graphic designer bestie you can call up. 

Make a Playlist Full of Girl Power

We’ve all had that moment where you’re home alone, your favourite feel-good girl boss song is blasting and you’re dancing with moves no one has ever seen before. Until you turn around still mid-groove and see someone watching you had no idea was there. Super embarrassing but so funny. The Galentine’s playlist should include all those songs that you can rock out to and make you feel like a million dollars. But instead of doing it alone, you can do it with all your besties! Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation… 

Galentine’s Theme Ideas

The Food Lovers 

1. Cooking Class 

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but speaking from experience, it was also the way to mine! So get involved with a cooking class together! 

2. Charcuterie Board Night 

Get each guest to bring a different ‘themed’ board to your charcuterie night. Someone handles the chees and crackers someone else does the cured meats etc. 

3. Coffee Date

Keep it low-key and simple with a coffee date catch-up! It doesn’t have to be a big party with heart-shaped decor. Settle for a cute cookie and your fave coffee. 

4. Wine and Chocolate Night 

AKA the killer combination to any good night. Need we say more? 

5. Brunch

Brunch is a classier option if you’d like to dress up. If it’s bottomless though we recommend taking your swear-by hangover cures ASAP.

6. Cocktail Night 

Have fun with your cocktail themes and match them to your outfits or the food you’re serving! 

7. Fondue

Chilling by the fire while we’re eating fondue. Justin Beiber invented fondue because did it even exist before this song? Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, you can’t go wrong. 

8. Bake Off 

Sweet treats for the sweetest day of the year? A no-brainer! Get baking!


The Girly Girls 

1. Beauty Product Swap

Trade top secret beauty tips and give your besties the makeup products you swear by as a cute gift idea! 

2. G-Day Thrifting or Shopping

The best therapy is, after all, retail therapy and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. After a long hard day of spending money, pull up the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic. A die-hard fave of ours! 

3. Rom-Com Movie Night

Although you didn’t ask, are recommendations are How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, The Bounty Hunter, She’s The Man, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and Life As We Know It. 

4. Spa Day 

Head into Galentine’s Day feeling like your best self with some self-care and pampering! 

The Crafty Ones 

1. Secret Galentine Gift Swap (Secret Cupid)

A simple gift swap is a great way of showing your besties you care without being a time-consuming event.

2. Paint and Sip

Paint some pottery or candles with festive Galentine’s decor and colours while you get a little tipsy. Warning: make sure it’s just a sip or else your artwork may end up a bit skew wiff!

3. Flower Arranging 

Miley Cyrus just won a Grammy for her song, Flowers, so what better way to spend Galentine’s Day than making yourself a beautiful bouquet? Because you can buy AND make yourself flowers! 

4. Make Galentine’s Cards 

For a more budget-friendly option, make each other Galentine’s Day cards! 

The Adventurous Gals 

1. Bowling

Our version of bowling would involve printing out our ex’s faces and attaching them to the bowling pins. But the normal one is great all the same. 

2. Game Night

Play some funny card games, quizzes or more serious board games. Nothing will make you get to know a person better than playing Monopoly with them. 

3. Karaoke 

Sing your feelings! Get out those karaoke faves and sing with girls that know all your feelings. Again, no one asked but our fave karaoke songs include, Total Eclipse of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler, Burn by Usher, and I'm Every Woman by Chaka Khan. 

4. Going Out Out 

Hit the club and have a grand ol’ time drinking and dancing! But remember, this night out isn’t about boys or finding a romantic partner! No pulling, flirting or kissing allowed!

Galentine’s Day Activities and Games 

DIY Photo Booth - Feel sexy and confident by posing with your best gals with a fun pink-themed backdrop, obviously!

Take A Love Language Quiz - Do you know what your love languages are? Maybe they’ve changed since you last took the quiz? See what your priorities are when it comes to love. These are just as relevant to friendships as they are to romantic relationships 

Non-Stop Music and Dance - Because who doesn’t feel good listening to Queen Bey or Tay? Just dance out your feelings! We know Rihanna’s Anti album will be on repeat for us. 

Bingo/Tombola - Use your party theme to coordinate the bingo! E.g. if you’re having a movie night, the bingo cards could be all classic things that happen in a rom-com like the dramatic breakup scene, the glow-up transformation etc. 

Making Short Reels for Instagram/TikTok - Make some funny videos you can look back on together. 

Galentine's day activities and games 

Play a Drinking Game While Watching Rom-Coms - Watch goofy rom-com movies while playing a drinking game. Like, take a shot every time someone dramatically runs through an airport…

Cook Heart-Shaped Food Items - We instantly thought of heart-shaped pizzas for you savoury lovers or heart-shaped cookies for those of you who have a sweet tooth! 

Look Up Your Birth Chart For Astrology - Can you find the one through the stars? Astrology is a great tool for helping you realise things about yourself and no one will call you out more than your friends, so have fun with it even if you don’t take it seriously. 

Painting/Decorating - Paint candles, pottery or pictures that make you feel the love! You could also decorate cupcakes, cookies, cards and more! 

Make Dating Wrap-Up PowerPoints - We all know about Spotify Wrapped but what about your dating year wrapped? Perfect for the single gals, have fun ranking your dates! At the same time, share your phone screen with the big TV and have some fun on someone’s dating profile as a group. 

Pampering - Face masks, spray tans, gel nail manicures and more! With so much at-home beauty tech available, make the most of it! 

Cocktail Making - Fancy yourself a mixologist? Get creative with flavours and colours and make some love day or anti-love day treats! 

Party Favours 

Don’t forget to send your gals home with something that makes them feel loved! You might not all have significant others waiting at home, but your girlfriends are equally as significant. Whether it’s a goody bag of beauty products, a spa self-care package, sweeties and chocolate or something unique to that person, a good Galentine’s Day celebration isn’t complete without a gift. 

Just in case you’ve been wanting someone to ask, will you be our Galentine?


As we said, Galentine’s is all about celebrating the ladies in your life and if you think these women could be involved in your wedding party one day, why not combine these theme ideas with our bridesmaid proposal advice? We’ve got all you need to know about asking will you be my bridesmaid? Love these Galentine’s theme ideas? Take a look at our hen party ideas too! 

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