Alexa, play ‘Family Affair’ by Mary J Blige because this Monday morning wedding at Gilstrap Registry Office is all about celebrating love and family. Nicolle & Bassey have been together for nine years so their wedding was long awaited. The couple finally said their vows surrounded by the loving presence of their closest family members and the participation of their four remarkable children. Nicolle was 6-months pregnant with baby number 5! Despite having just 6 weeks to plan this intimate day, having family all around turned the wedding from a legal event into a cherished family gathering. Recommended Supplier, Pear & Bear Photography, had the honour of capturing this special day.

A beautiful Monday morning wedding at the Gilstrap Registry Office with a glowing pregnant bride

The pinnacle of our wedding day, was the symbolic union of our two families, coming together to form one. This was more than just a ceremony or a celebration; it was the celebration of a new family and the beautiful children we created together. Witnessing the intertwining of our roots and the expansion of our family tree was a sight that carried an indescribable poignancy. The formation of our family, a vibrant tapestry of personalities, stories, and shared bonds, was undoubtedly the most cherished chapter so far.

Nicolle & Bassey

Gilstrap Registry Office 

Nicolle & Bassey’s wedding at the Gilstrap Registry Office had an atmosphere of 'laid-back luxury.' It was a blend of casual sophistication with just 15 guests. When planning the nuptials (which was just 6 weeks, by the way!), a distinct theme emerged. The focus of this intimate wedding was all about the couple’s local community. With the pressure of just 6 weeks to plan the day, the couple infused the celebration with the creativity and passion of local businesses. Fran from Limewood Flowers lives in the next village, Anna from Pear and Bear Photography is 15 minutes away and the Taylor’s Restaurant is across the road!

A Family Affair 

As an expecting bride with baby number 5, Nicolle’s journey to find the perfect wedding dress was challenging. Yet, after countless hours of extensive googling, Instagram stalking and Pintersting, she found a gown that would beautifully accommodate her six-month bump! Bassey surprised Nicolle with a stunning pair of Jimmy Choo shoes for the day. The pearl platforms served as the perfect companions to the minimalist gown. The final personal touch was an amethyst necklace, which is a family heirloom from Nicolle’s great-grandmother was a very special touch. 

Can you plan a wedding in 6 weeks? Absolutely! Nicolle & Bassey’s day is so beautiful

My words of wisdom to those currently planning their special day is to keep sight of the essence of this remarkable occasion - the unity of two hearts, two lives, and two souls. It's the magnificent journey of you and your partner merging into a singular family that forms the true core of this celebration. All the other aspects - the decorations, attire, guest lists - are but beautiful adornments to the day. They add colour, charm, and sparkle to your wedding, but remember, they are just welcome bonuses. So, revel in your love and unity.

Nicolle & Bassey

Gilstrap Registry Office became so much more than just a venue to Nicolle & Bassey. If you’re planning on a registry office wedding, here is everything you need to know! For this couple, having their children present on their day was so important. Planning on having kids at your wedding? Here are some ideas on how you can keep your kids entertained at your wedding

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Venue: Gilstrap Registry Office | Photography: Pear & Bear Photography | Florist: Limewood Flowers | Food: Taylor's Fine Dining | Makeup: Hayley Louise | Wedding Dress & Bridal Boutique: Coast | Bridesmaid Outifts: Next | Groom & Groomsmen's Outfits: Hugo Boss | Shoes: Jimmy Choo

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