If you want kids at your wedding, here are some tips based on what these real couples did to ensure any kids at weddings were entertained and cared for! While having children as part of your day may not be for everyone, these couples are a testament to how much these children made their day fun, family-oriented, and all the more emotional. Below you’ll find some entertainment ideas, ideas on what role kids could have to be a part of your ceremony, and the funny reality and chaos they bring to your day in the absolute best way possible! We’re talking about impromptu football games, Disney discos, wedding reception pyjama changes (the best kind of wedding reception outfit change), and intimate breastfeeding moments aka normal life when you have children. Let’s get into it…

17 ways to entertain kids at weddings with inspiration and advice from our real couples!

Burrow Farm Gardens Tipi Wedding

Shannon & Gavin's DIY festival wedding was a dream for both adults and children! The little guests had plenty to eat with an ice cream van and food trucks. Food trucks are a fantastic way to ease the stress of having children at your wedding, as a sit-down meal can sometimes be a little too much to handle. Shannon also found a children's tent and maintains that this is a fabulous idea and a necessity if you're planning on having kids at your wedding. The couple also had games for the kids with space hoppers and more. Forget kid's entertainment, we'd like to be doing this on our wedding day too!

Family Wedding At The Engine Works - Kids At Weddings

Adele & Michael met at just 17 years old, and are the owners of their chosen wedding venue, which is the Recommended venue, The Engine Works. Having both lost an immediate family member during the recent pandemic, they decided upon an intimate day, with just their three children. Keeping the guest list small, so you can focus on the little ones is a great way of making sure they're taken care of and entertained at all times. Plus, Adele & Michael's children obviously knew their venue well but holding some of your wedding celebrations in a place the kids at your wedding might already know and feel comfortable at is also helpful!

Athelhampton House Wedding With Silent Disco

Aloysia & Alex had a stunning and elegant country house wedding, but the couple made sure it was super fun and full of activities too! The kids and a few of the adults got involved in an impromptu football game before dinner. Aloysia & Alex had a very family-oriented day with their own children and a lot of their nieces and nephews playing important roles throughout the day so that each child felt they were involved. When having kids at weddings, it can be a nice touch to make them feel important! Give them a little task like handing out confetti, guiding guests to their seats, giving a reading, or just being adorable in every photo!

Hayne House Wedding with Dried Flowers - Kids At Weddings

Hayleigh & Chris' day is just beautiful! But it's always going to be at Recommended venue, Hayne House! Hayleigh entered the ceremony room with her dad and son on each arm and seeing Chris and their daughter waiting at the end of the aisle was one of her favourite moments. At this wedding, they made the most of the season and had some outdoor activities including the fun fair-inspired 'hook a duck' game for the kids.

St George's Hall Liverpool Wedding

Lauren & Jo's wedding day was so special for so many reasons. Their day was stripped back but quite simply, a celebration of love and family. Their gorgeous son provided entertainment throughout the ceremony by constantly babbling. He was in his own little world singing away to himself and it was just the cutest! Lauren & Jo had family denim jackets portraying a key message of 'Love is Love', which was important for the couple to share. With just the three guests in attendance, this day takes intimate to a whole new level.

Bouncy Castle Wedding at Trevenna Barns With Kids Station - Kids At Weddings

For Sarah & Scott, their two little girls are their world and they wanted to have a day that was as fun for the children as it was for the adults with a bouncy castle wedding! The couple wanted everyone to get close to their inner child and do things their kids love to do. So, they had a bouncy castle wedding with a kid's station for face painting, a pretzel bar and a Disney disco!  While still keeping with their autumnal theme, they included so much entertainment for the children attending (and the adults, too!). I don't know about you, but a regular Disney sing-along in the shower is part of our regular Sunday shower ritual!

Back Garden Wedding With Children

Louise & Elliott had an intimate back garden wedding complete with family, flowers and fun. They shared their day with their daughter (and son that Louise was pregnant with at the time!) and everyone they love in a marquee reception at Louise's parent's house. At this wedding, the kids blew bubbles instead of throwing confetti and got into their cosy pyjamas ready for the reception, or should we say nap time!

Pampas Grass Floral Arrangements at Elmore Court Wedding - Kids At Weddings

Amy & Roy's wedding was certainly headline-worthy at Recommended venue, Elmore Court, but their adorable baby may have stolen the show. Amy's favourite moments of the day were when she got time to breastfeed her baby. Breastfeeding on the day was something Amy was nervous about but she needn't have worried. She did have her dress altered to account for engorgement but they smashed it. Amy's advice to all people bringing along a baby to their day is to not overthink! Everything will be fine on that day! Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Keep the older kids entertained with face paints, games, bouncy castles and more!

How do you keep the kids entertained?

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Having kids at weddings can sometimes seem like a lot and might be an instant NO for you, which is perfectly fine. If you're someone who doesn't want kids at their wedding, here is how to say that you're having no kids at your wedding! But, these couples are proof that having just one or lots of kids at your day can make it family-oriented and fun for adults too! If you're looking for kid's entertainment take a look at Recommended supplier, Little Party Rentals! For some childcare services check out Recommended suppliers, Bell of the Ball and Little Merrymakers!

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