We've said it before and we'll say it again love knows no bounds. It isn't prejudiced against age, gender or race and if you're lucky enough to find it and hold on to it right up until your golden wedding anniversary like this couple, we think you are pretty much winning at life. They celebrated with a surprise ceremony at dusk, at the home and life they'd built together, surrounded by their grandchildren and reaffirming their vows to one another. What a great example of everlasting love.


Everlasting love is not just an editorial, it is much more than that. It ́s a real wedding and a great love story, one of those that makes you ́re hairs stand on end and make the most sceptical cry.

Couples Story

72 years, a life spent together, a cattle yard, and a golden wedding anniversary to celebrate. An excuse to celebrate the love that a couple of endearing grandparents who have gone through great battles and difficult times together profess, but still their love remains. They show us the kind of love that endures and thrives, not like the first day but with the strength of the years, as a consequence of infinite caresses, hugs and tickles, added to the complicity of a whole life shared together.

Renata Enamorada

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The cow yard, a lot of nature and the beauty of everyday nature as the setting for the eternity of love. Looks, caresses and words of mutual gratitude for everything they have built together, a family, a business, and for the illnesses and the rough patches, they have overcome with courage. A surprise ceremony at dusk, in the presence hundreds of flowers over a truck and a very special set of guests. Improvised words full of emotion towards the stem of their love, tears of joy accomplice looks ... and in the middle of it all, the bride. His great treasure, the love of his life. All in a unique setting and so dear to renew their vows and change the editorial into a real wedding surrounded by their children and grandchildren.

Renata Enamorada

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Reaching 50 years of married life together is a rare and special thing. It is quite aptly named a golden wedding anniversary as gold is a rare metal, much like reaching 50 years as husband and wife. This happy couple celebrated 50 years of trust, love and companionship in the most wonderful way, at their cattle shed amongst the animals. They fed each other dessert, listened to live music and renewed their vows in front of their grandchildren. So inspirational.

Everlasting Love

Immortalising this couple and their 50 years of marriage has been a great lesson of compromise and dedication for the whole team, that when they first learned about their love story, of improvement and their life project in the cow yard they wanted to join this project without hesitation. These images capture a genuine and special story. And with them we want to express our gratitude for having mentors like them in our lives, that remind us of the power of love, which remains, grows and survives against all odds. A story that in this time seems like from a movie, but it ́s real. Despite the years, their grey hair and wrinkles, you just have to see their looks, mere truth.

Renata Enamorada

However, and whenever you choose to celebrate love, we're here for it! Here are a few examples of couples who have got married later in life and chose to celebrate their milestone wedding anniversary with a vow renewal: Diana and Dennis waited 30 years before they got to say their vows at their intimate coastal wedding, but weren't going to let age or circumstances influence their decision to not get married. Whilst Danielle and Paul celebrated their 20 year anniversary with a colourful vow renewal.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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