In case you aren't aware, green has been the hottest colour for bridesmaid dresses for a while now. And we mean green bridesmaid dresses of absolutely every shade. In this roundup, we'll take you on a walk through sage, emerald, forest, light, and mint green bridesmaid dresses. Plus, we've also decided to include a satin feature because we all know that satin bridesmaid dresses are absolutely here to stay. If you're deciding on what shade you want your bridesmaid dresses to be, this should help you make that decision.

The most stylish roundup of bridesmaid dresses in every shade of green

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Sage green is such a popular colour choice that we've done a separate roundup on sage green colour scheme weddings! The reason this colour has taken off is that it's flattering on every skin tone. No one has to worry about feeling washed out or not complemented by this shade because it is so versatile and works well as a neutral colour.

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Moving onto emerald green. These bridesmaid dresses seriously make a statement. More eye-catching than subtle sage green, these dresses are sure to pop in your wedding photos. They make a perfect accent to traditional white wedding dresses and black ties. But what's even better? They look good in absolutely every season. A colourful spring wedding, festival summer wedding, rustic autumn wedding or even a Christmas winter wedding? This colour works with them all and we have the photos to prove it.

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

What's a match made in heaven? An outdoor or botanical wedding with forest green dresses. This shade of green is the perfect complementary shade to an earthy or rustic wedding. The deeper tone sets the perfect vibe for moodier weddings. Industrial, castle, woodland and outdoor wedding venues match this tone the best.

Light Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Maybe you're reading this and thinking you simply can't decide what shade of green you want for your bridesmaids? Then why not go for a few different shades based on what your girls want. As these pictures show, a mixture of light green dresses and some deeper tones look so stunning! This way, you also guarantee you're pleasing everyone.

Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Think spring wedding. Blue skies, pastel flowers, and an outdoor ceremony. Naturally, your bridesmaid dresses are going to be mint green. This colour offers a light and airy vibe that can only match a spring wedding. This colour always looks chic and elegant and more feminine because of its lighter tone.

Green satin bridesmaid dress

Satin bridesmaid dresses have become a fast favourite and we can easily see why. The satin fabric and style of the bridesmaid dress make it flattering on every body shape as it shows off those curves. But it also adds a level of glamour and Hollywood-esque red carpet vibes, which makes it a perfect option for black tie weddings or balancing out your rustic vibes with something a little sleeker.

Inspired by these bridesmaid dresses? Click any image and 'see more of this real wedding' to see them in action

All these different shades of green could be the perfect complement to your wedding dress. Whether your vibe is chic and sophisticated, glam and elegant, sexy and dark, or rustic and earthy, green works well with them all. But if you're not convinced, then maybe you should take a look at our other goldblueorange, or burgundy bridesmaid dress roundups to see if they suit your vibe more.

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Written by Leah Blundell

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