Wedding colour schemes 2022: how do you spice them up? The answer.. trends! The lifecycles of today’s trends have changed. Social media and other technologies have made them much shorter and less predictable than in previous years. Don’t fear, however! We’re here to help. Two colours that have been stealing the trend spotlight for years are sage green and burnt orange. So, how do you incorporate these gorgeous colours into your wedding colour schemes for 2022? We’re here to give you some inspiration. Have a read-through and let us know if you decide to include these colours in your own ceremony!

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

At the end of 2021, nearly every paint company named a shade of sage green as its colour of the year. Sage green bridesmaid dresses are a way to add a pop of colour to your wedding and make it look all the more fashionable. Why not kill two trends with one…dress? Satin X sage green is a combination that fits most weddings perfectly. It’ll also add a touch of class and elegance while maintaining fresh, zesty fun elements. Have a look at these satin bridesmaid’s dresses (especially the green ones) for some more inspiration. 

Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Especially during the summer months, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are a fantastic way to incorporate some warm and earthy tones to your wedding colour schemes 2022. Add some modern rustic vibes to your ceremony! Many designers have declared orange and its variations to be the hottest colour trend of 2021-2022, and we’re all for it. So if you want to get some burnt orange into your big day, but are not too sure how to do it - fear not. We’ve got you covered. If you want to move away from satin, there are tonnes of other options to incorporate the colour. Have a look at the chiffon, tonal and patterned inspiration, too. 

Sage Green Florals

When thinking about florals for your wedding, it’s very easy to fall into the classic white and pink aesthetic. That’s great, and we adore it - but trust us when we say there is much more out there. So if you, like many in the last year or so, fancy changing your pinks for your sage greens, then here’s how. Sebastian and April’s amazing multi-toned green floral arch is a great way to immerse yourself in sage. The colour looks fantastic alongside more rustic wooden tones, as exhibited below. The sage green wedding table garland under the canopy of foliage at the Euridge Manor wedding is to die for - a woodland, naturalistic vibe. We love! 

Burnt Orange Florals

Orange is not the first colour that springs to mind when you’re thinking of florals. But maybe it should be! Bringing some burnt orange into your florals and bouquets adds a splash of vibrancy to any ceremony. Take a look at the glorious flower arch with burnt orange arrangements - it’ll have you orange-crazy in no time. If that didn’t convince you, what about the orange dried flower bouquet from Carys & Darren's wedding? It paired beautifully with the golden wedding crown. Try adding some burnt orange to your floral wedding colour schemes 2022 - trust us! 

Sage Green Decorations

Adding some sage green into your decorations just got a lot easier. We’ve got a whole article on using greenery in your wedding, and how to incorporate it into the big day. From elegant vibes to a more rustic one, there’s an abundance of ways to spruce up your venue with some sage green decorations.

Burnt Orange Decorations 

Decorations are just as important as any other aspect of your wedding. If you (understandably) want to add warmth, zest and vibrance to your decor, then we’ve got just the treat for you. Add some burnt orange flowers, vases, champagne flutes and more to your day - get the inspiration for that from our burnt orange wedding theme

Sage Green Wedding Cake

Sage green is actually surprisingly easy to get on your wedding cake. Take Emily & Kieran's cake for example, with stunning green thistle and foliage decor atop a crisp white base. If you want to go even greener, have a look at this magical winter elopement wedding cake, with a sage green base and golden embellishments. We’re so obsessed.

Burnt Orange Wedding Cake

Orange is less seen on wedding cakes - which makes it all the more special. You could go with burnt orange embellishments on a white base for a pop of colour. On the other hand, you could go all out. Take a look at this wonderful two-tier buttercream completely orange wedding cake. Either way, you go, your cake will add warmth and vibrancy. 

Sage green Wedding Gifts 

Sage green is comforting, earthy, safe and signifies new beginnings and growth. It is simultaneously calm, soothing, fresh and full of life. It’s oxymoronic in the best way possible. And it’s incredibly popular. The colour ties together beautifully with lots of other palettes, whether monochromatic or on the more colourful side. Whether it’s a duvet or a dinner set, you can add a mood boost to your day and to your living room. Look at the beautiful edit over on The Wedding Shop for inspiration. Does anyone want to get me the Rialto Champagne Coupe in pale sage…? Anyone? No? Ok. 

Burnt Orange Wedding Gifts 

If burnt orange and terracotta homeware is more your speed, The Wedding Shop’s got you on that front, too. Adding bright pops of colour to your wedding colour schemes 2022 with comforting hues to your home can sometimes be tricky, that’s why this list is perfect for those who maybe don’t know how to style it. Have a gander at the gorgeous glass table lamps, the stunning sofa beds and ever-cool cushions. Whatever sparks your burnt-orange flame, chances are The Wedding Shop’s burnt orange edit will have it. 

So, there we have it. A multitude of ways to get the two top trending colours into your wedding colour schemes 2022. Hopefully, we have shown you a variety of different places you can add these splashes of colours. If you’re planning your wedding gift list, The Wedding Shop edits are a fantastic choice. If you want something else to scroll through for inspiration, our Pinterest boards have thousands of beautiful wedding-related imagery. Sage green and burnt orange a-plenty! Finally, on the topic of green - check out our Podcast episode on sustainable weddings

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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