If you’re looking for half up half down hair inspiration (created by Recommended Supplier, Amazing Face), then don’t go anywhere, you’ve found it! Sarah and Mark made their way down the aisle after a few chair changes (due to the rain…) We absolutely adore the crescent moon backdrop and bright floral detailing throughout. Having been a florist herself, Sarah knew the suppliers she wanted in regards to her flowers and the marquee. They also found Recommended Supplier, Jason Williams Photography via Instagram, and are now (understandably) a little obsessed! We’re not surprised, just look at those gorgeous couples' portraits…

Half up half down hair inspiration

The rain kept us guessing all morning! Everyone chipped in when we moved the chairs inside to outside about 50 times… but no one seemed to mind!

Sarah & Mark


Everyone really became family on the wedding day and just cruised through till the evening. Our son (who is only 5 months old), was teething and screamed and smiled the whole way through, eventually sleeping through till morning (first time), it was pure magic. Moments lasted for days and hours seemed like seconds. Our wedding day was mad, unorganised, funny and ridiculous - just like us! But that's what made it perfect.


When Jason Williams Photography took Mark and I down to a flower field, where an avenue of trees was leading to Kimmeridge Bay. We watched the sea and just had a moment - it was amazing. And, it was what the day was truly all about… us. My other favourite moment was when our son Quinn joined us whilst we were getting married - I got the giggles/cried and needed a cuddle to get back on track!

We’re loving the ladder installation complete with festoon lighting and colourful foliage.

If you think you’re organised, you’re not! But honestly, it really doesn’t matter! Be brave and go along with it all because once you say I do, everything else becomes effortless. 

Sarah & Mark

Half up half down hair works perfectly if you’re incorporating a crown, like Sarah! If you’re looking for more hair inspiration (and we mean MORE), take a look at our 70+ wedding updo styles. Or, if you’re looking for something similar to Sarah, head on over to our planning article featuring plenty of half up half down options! 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Featured suppliers

Venue: Smedmore House Kimmeridge | Entertainment: Warble Entertainment | Florist: Nudo | Catering: Signature Catering | Drink: Tiny Kitchen Caterers | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Amazing Face Dorset | Bridal Gown: Anna Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS | Stationery: Windrush Design And Print | Marquee: DP Marquees | Bridal Shoes: Vans

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