There isn't a more versatile hairstyle than a half up half down bridal do. Perfectly enabling you the best of both worlds and looking effortlessly chic, in wavy, braided and twisted styles to suit a multitude of bridal looks, personalities and wedding dresses. It's no wonder it's the most popular choice of wedding hairstyle amongst brides. Often the perfect style to add a veil, fresh flowers or headpiece and most definitely ideal for changing your bridal look in the evening by removing a few well-placed hairpins. Plus it gives you the freedom of wearing your hair down, but the benefit of keeping your hair out of your face for those all-important wedding day captures. As let's face it nobody wants their view impaired the moment you start walking down the aisle, all eyes are definitely on your beau. If you're on the lookout for hairstylists to recreate your favourite half up half down do, our Recommended Suppliers should be your first port of call. Each and every one of our handpicked suppliers come recommended by us - so you know you can rely on them for fabulous, friendly service and fierce locks all round.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles {Wavy}

Possibly the most coveted half up half down hairstyle is the wavy look. Mixing tousled locks with sleek pinned back hair. Keep curls tight for a more polished romantic look or effortlessly undone and backcombed for the boho brides among us. Either way, the cascading curls will look divine sweeping across your back.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles {Braided}
Bridal braids are finding their way into all wedding hairstyles, and look perfect as part of a half up half down hairstyle. Go for one big plait across your crown, a loose one cascading into your free locks, or several small plaits swept and pinned to one side. Perfect for nailing two hot bridal hairstyles in one beautiful look.
Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles {Twisted}
Silimar to the braided look, are twisted half up half down hairstyles which are more loosely put togheter but still super sleek and utterly beautiful. They add lots of texture and will forever be a timeless bridal hairstyle.

These beautiful half up half down do's are not just for the brides blessed with voluminous long locks either, all styles can easily be adapted for brides with thinner and shorter hair. Your hairstylist will know all the tricks of the trade including adding hair extensions and top tips for hair preparations the night before the big day. Ensure your chosen bridal hairstyle is in safe hands by booking one of our Recommended Hair Stylists.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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