Whether you've decided that you don't want your dress to take up a hefty chunk of your budget or whether you've simply decided to have a few dresses (day and evening or a simple number for the first part of a two-part wedding) there are plenty of reasons you may want to choose from a variety of high street wedding dresses.  There have been a staggering amount of occasions at Team RMW where the incredulous words "Wait... That dress is from the high street?!?!" are exclaimed. The variety of styles, the gorgeous silhouettes, and the quality of the dresses we've seen have been nothing short of impressive in recent years.  If you've been a reader for a while, you know that here at Rock My Wedding our tagline is "Your Day, Your Way". And we mean that.

If you want to have the most elaborate expensive designer gown, we are 100% here for that. If you want to spend £100 or less and feel like perusing the plethora of high street wedding dresses available to you, then we are 100% here for that also. There are so many reasons why high street wedding dresses could be the perfect option for you.  

Are High Street Wedding Dresses Ethical?

The answer to this question is, it depends. High street wedding dresses may be the most inexpensive, but that doesn't necessarily mean the most unethical. If you have read the Fashion Transparency Index of 2019, you will know that unfortunately, the vast majority of brands have some way to go when it comes to ethical practice. However, if we look at the final scores of brands listed (page 32 onwards) you will see that there is absolutely no correlation between price point and ethical practice, transparency or sustainability.  In fact according to this report, if you're concerned about a brand's policy and commitments, governance, traceability of its materials, transparency, and spotlight issues such as gender equality and sustainability policies... Then you could better off buying your wedding dress from ASOS than from Valentino. 

That being said, if ethical practice truly is a concern for you, then by far the most ethical way to purchase your wedding dress is to either buy a pre-loved gown or to have a gown custom made by a local designer who shares your values and can source materials you're comfortable using.  If however, you are comfortable in the fact that inexpensive does not necessarily mean unethical, then let's get into some other questions you may have about high street wedding dresses.


Want To Save Money On Your Wedding Dress?

Considering a more inexpensive and ethical approach to wedding dress shopping? Enter - Recycle My Wedding. Where you will find a host of beautiful pre-loved wedding dresses, accessories and decor. Your wedding doesn't have to cost the Earth.


Will A High Street Wedding Dress Fit Me As Well As A Designer Dress?

There's no doubt that visiting a boutique who makes rounds of alterations to get a designer dress to fit your shape just-so can have its advantages. But just because you're considering high street wedding dresses does not mean that you have to miss out on that experience. You could always find a good seamstress in your area who can alter your high street wedding dress to fit like a glove. Remember though that if you are planning on doing this to always buy a size slightly bigger than you need. There's not as much seam allowance on these dresses, so it's easier to take in a dress than to let it out in places. Also if you're buying anything particularly embellished, this can make the process more difficult so consult your seamstress and keep your receipt in case you need to consider an alternative. 

How Much Do High Street Wedding Dresses Cost?

Really, you can choose to spend as much or as little as you like. There are high street wedding dresses that cost as little as £30 and can go up to around £500. Most tend to fall around the £200-£300 mark. 

Where Can I Buy A High Street Wedding Dress?

I'm glad you asked because there are a host of stores you can buy high street wedding dresses from. But here are some of the favourites as beautifully modelled by our real brides.   













And boutiques. And pre-loved dresses. And handmade dresses. Basically, if it makes you feel spectacular on your wedding day, then it does not matter a jot where your dress came from. Hopefully, our FAQ answers on high street wedding dresses will have helped you make your decision. Your perfect wedding day outfit is somewhere out there, all you have to do is find it. Good luck!

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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