Get prepared to views some seriously cool squad girl pictures captured by Ellie Gillard of Bride Hollie & her bridesmaids strutting their stuff around the urban streets, hopping on buses & applying lippy. I want to join them now, especially if it means I get to don a flower crown as fabulous as theirs. I'd also like to hang out at Brixton East. Such a cool urban warehouse venue and the fact that it's filled with Smeg's, sequins and glitter makes it even more appealing. SO much love for this fun winter wedding. Pinning fingers at the ready... you know what to do.

The Story

Hollie The Bride: Luke and I met in a field.......under a Big Top..........with Annie Mac as our soundtrack. It was Bestival and I was covered in glitter with all my best mates having the best time with no thought that I would meet my future husband that night. I was struggling to manage a selfie with my friends and a helpful fella came to my rescue and captured the moment (later that night I lost my camera so that photo never did materialise). Realising this fella was rather dreamy I determinedly struck up some conversation and managed to persuade him to the bar and the rest really as cheesy as it sounds is history. The next night we partied as a peacock and a girrafe and then promised to keep in touch. Luke however lived in Essex and I lived in West London so I thought perhaps that it was one train to far and braced myself that this was simply a festival romance. BUT turns out distance really isn't an issue when you met your best mate. 

2 years later Luke whisked me off to Paris, presented me with the most awesome, perfect ring and we ate all the steak and drank all the bubbles before beginning the year of wedding planning!

The Venue

We knew we wanted to get married in London even though Luke lived in Essex. We knew we wanted a city wedding and nothing where weather could dampen the day in any way (because it did inevitably rain on our wedding day) so no fields. It's a bit of a London wedding cliche but we wanted a warehouse vibe, that had an element of urban beauty! But we also had 150 guests AND turns out many venues were either too small or too big...we were on a bit of a goldilocks style hunt. Luke actually found our venue on a blog and it was love. We waited with baited breath to discover whether it could fit all of our requirements and it did! We went to Brixton East and met the wonderful (I cannot stress how amazing he is) Andy who has thought through every detail to make the space perfect from the festoon lighting, to the awesome moveable mint green bar to the beautiful toilets and smeg fridges; we signed up on the spot. It was also amazing as it has two spaces; downstairs for eating and upstairs for partying - perfect. The exposed walls and wooden floors was a winning combo for us. 

The Dress

My word of warning........ all the pinterest boards in the world cannot prepare you for stepping in a shop and seeing dresses in the flesh, then on you. My pinterest board was abandoned within 5 minutes of entering Bellimissia brides as I transformed into a magpie obsessed by all that sparkled. I had not wanted to wedding dress shop really as felt super pressured to find the ONE. My dress just happened to be on a manikin in the shop and I could not stop staring at it; I loved that it sparkled, I love that it had a train and a low back AND I loved that it wasn't bright white. The Enzoani dress gave the feeling of being vintage but with a modern twist (a lot of people asked if it was vintage) which was perfect for me. I did have doubts about my dress throughout the planning and had one particular fitting where I came out and cried because I was unsure BUT I think this is pretty normal and on the day I did feel like a million dollars. 

The Accessories

I LOVE Sophia Webster and could have only dreamed of having a pair of her shoes to wear on my big day. Well people DREAMS come TRUE! My wonderful friend and bridesmaid works for Net a Porter and messaged me to say they were having a sample sale and should she look for some shoes. It was a risk as I wouldn't be able to try on or see in the flesh BUT half an hour later I was the proud owner of a perfect pair of rose gold sophia webster heels; all for a meagre thirty quid! They were the perfect match for the dress! 

 One element I also knew I wanted was a flower crown. I felt it was a nod to the festival goer in me! Most people on paper (even me at times) were like a vintage looking dress with a flower crown; how will this work?! BUT to me it just did and I guess that was the motto of the wedding, we had what we liked even if it wouldn't all match in a perfect pinterest way! BREAK THE RULES! I did consider a real one but I also loved the idea of keeping the crown as a momento after the wedding and being able to bring it out on festivals in the future! I found on ASOS market place the amazing Gypsy Vintage Rose who as well as creating a stunning range she also makes bespoke crowns. She listened to what I describes and created me the dream crown of flowers! She also kitted out my 7 bridesmaids!

Colour scheme/theme/décor

We wanted a whole lot of glitter on EVERYTHING and our amazing family and friends willingly prepared themselves to be covered in glitter for weeks to achieve our vision....glittered beer bottles (I think my father in law and mates rose to the challenge of drinking the contents), glittered dinousaurs and sequin table runner haggled down at Southall Market.


With 7 bridesmaids the boquets were always gonna be a tough job...... 
I had been an avid instagram follower of Petalon weekly bouquets - flowers delivered on a bike wrapped in hessian; what is not to love?! I am not a flower expert and didn't have a specific vision other then colors I liked and petalon NAILED IT. 

At the venue my mum transformed the tables with her magical flower skills. I must say a 5am trip to Covent Garden Flower Market is a bridal must and totally worth the eye bags.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was so special to us because it was the church we attend. Matt our vicar married us and it was so wonderful knowing that he knew us a couple. We actually loved the traditional vows and what they mean so kept with those and I think we were both suprised at how powerful it was saying them on the day. Our wonderful and talented friends read and even sang while we signed the register. Awesome to be serenaded with our mates singing years and years SHINE and Florence you got the love! 

My dad walking me down the aisle and seeing Luke at the end was probably the most magical moment of the day.

Food Drink & treats

The Salon Brixton (best food, Nick is awesome) & Bosco and Bee Pizza Van (the loveliest people and awesome yummy pizzas) 

Advice & Special Moments

I dutifully read loads of these in our planning AND they were all right...

Don't sweat the small stuff. Hire on the day wedding co-ordinators - shout out to Union and Co who are the coolest, loveliest, stylish wedding planners out there. Live the dream. 


Ellie is a artist and her work is magical. I honestly want a gallery in my house as homage to her wonderful photographs (we did discuss this but thought we'd look a little vain!!)! She has an eye for light and eye for capturing moments which tell a whole story and for that we are so grateful. Ellie and her equally wonderful second photographer Libby were awesome on the day......with seven bridesmaids, wandering family members they remained ZEN and took authority when it was needed! They were like having friends at our wedding which is so important.


DISCO WED - what a playlist - Harry our DJ faithfully played from 7.30pm - 2am and kept the dance floor FULL. Paddy from Disco Wed is amazingly helpful and they are just well cool.
Charlotte O'Shea

Written by Charlotte O'Shea

Dress Designer: Enzoani | Bridal Boutique: Bellisima Weddings | Jewellery: Monica Vinader | Bridal Shoes: Sophie Webster | Veil Headpiece: Gypsy Vintage | Venue: Brixton East 1871 | Caterers: Salon Brixton | Bosco and Bee Pizza Van | Wedding Planner: Union Weddings | Florist: Petalon | Bridesmaid Dresses: Oh My Love | Groomsmen: Harris Tweed | Entertainment: DiscoWed | Videographer : Tea Films

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