One of the things inevitable about planning a wedding and inviting all of your favourite people is that said favourite people will want to buy you a gift. It's just a natural and lovely thing that we do for each other. The giving of gifts to celebrate an occasion. But perhaps you and your partner are unsure about receiving a plethora of photo frames and ceramics? You have some options then, you can either create a gift list full of products you would love to minimise waste and help your guests out. Or maybe you fancy a luxe escape to some far-flung place after all of the wedding confetti has settled. There are other options as well, charity donations, cash, etc. But for the purpose of this article, we're going to focus on one of the most popular options, the honeymoon fund.

We've got Honeymoon Fund experts Prezola on board to help us out with this. In dealing with thousands of couples every year, they certainly know what the trends and expectations are when it comes to asking your guests for contributions.

Make It Personal

Your guests want to know all about this planned honeymoon of yours. Asking for a honeymoon contribution without sharing the specifics can be done, but it's a much nicer experience for everyone involved if you know that your best friend just bought you both a 'Snorkeling trip for two' in the Maldives, even though in reality it's a cash contribution you can use however you like (including booking that snorkeling trip you've wanted to go on).

Asking guests for cash towards your dream trip can be awkward. Prezola's honeymoon fund is designed to be different from the rest, and a little more discreet. Choose from pre-made honeymoon adventures and activities or create your own. Your guests will feel like they have bought you something truly personal and you’ll have the cash to spend however you like.


Give Your Guests Choice

Whilst the hope is to gather cash contributions in your honeymoon fund to book that trip of dreams, there will be guests who would rather buy you something than give you cash. With Prezola, you have the option of adding gifts to your honeymoon fund as well. Perhaps you want to add some headphones for that long haul flight? Or maybe you would love something for your home that will be a reminder of your day long after your trip has faded to memories and pictures you keep meaning to print from your phone. From Prezola's experience, they know that guests love to have options to choose from. So they created the ability to add honeymoon contributions, experiences, subscriptions, and gifts all onto one list.

Mix and match your funds with special gifts to upgrade your holiday of a lifetime.


Make Sure Your Money Is Safe 

There are many Honeymoon Fund websites available and you are free to choose from them all. But it is important to know that not all services are created equal. And unfortunately, in the current climate, it's important to be more mindful than ever about where you are entrusting your money (or in this case, your guest's money). Prezola is diligent when it comes to the security of your funds. All guest contributions are kept in a ring-fenced Trust account so you can use their service knowing that your money is always 100% safe.

You’re always in control of your funds and can withdraw them whenever you like by booking an online transfer.


Whether your wedding gift of choice is a two-week hike in Peru or a two-week stint of not moving from a white sandy beach, you can make that happen with the help of your guests. Just remember to give your guests some details to they can share in the joy of your honeymoon planning. Give them some options so they can choose to give you cash or a gift (or in some cases both). And finally, do your homework on your honeymoon provider to make sure all your funds are guaranteed safe.

If Prezola sounds like the one, then get another thing off that to-do list and start your honeymoon fund today.

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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