If you're asking yourself this question, then worry not, it's a decision that most couples face at the beginning of their wedding planning journey. Perhaps having a gift list feels outdated to you, perhaps you think that the presence of your guests is enough. But I promise you, as you get closer to the big day itself, you'll be wishing you had one. And today we've enlisted the help of The Wedding Shop, the UK's leading wedding gift list provider to tell you why...

Why do we need a wedding gift list?

Your guests will want to get you something to mark you special day regardless. Creating your own gift list full of items you truly love, helps guide your guests to choose from a wide range of gifts that they know are meaningful to you, useful and something you really want or need. A gift list helps take the stress and worry away from your guests trying to find that perfect gift for you, plus it is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your home essentials or indulge in something that you really love, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourselves.

Where on earth do I start with creating a list?

First thing – register with The Wedding Shop! Our award winning service is designed for couples who want unrivalled choice, flexibility and exceptional service all in one place. We think that compiling your list and choosing the things you love should be a fun and enjoyable experience that you will love doing together – this is the stress free part of wedding planning! It does take a bit of time to help build your dream list, so do give yourselves enough time to really think about what you want and need for the future. Whether you choose to build your list entirely online or prefer to visit us in one of our showrooms, you will be designated your own personal advisor who will be there every step of the way to offer advice and tips on how to build your perfect gift list.

How many items should we include?

We always recommend to add more gifts than you think you need, so that there is lots of choice for your guests. We suggest that you add both products and cash contributions to your list so that you have a range of gifts suitable to all guests’ budgets. Your list is also the perfect opportunity to update and upgrade your home essentials. So it’s time to invest in quality items that were built to last. We believe that you should create a list of items that you are going to cherish throughout your lives together This is shopping without having to reach for your wallet, so make sure you really think about the things you really would love!

What price points should I cover?

Give your guests the opportunity to shop gifts at a variety of price points so that everyone can buy you something you’ll love, regardless of their budget. Plus some guests really enjoying buying lots of little items to create a more personalised bundle of gifts instead of sticking to one big ticket product. However, if there is a really special item that you want, but feel it may be that little bit too expensive, you can always use our fab group gifting option which allows your guests to club together and contribute as much as they wish towards the item.

Can we see the products in the flesh before adding them to our list?

Online shopping can sometimes be a minefield. How many times have you ordered something and it’s turned up being a little different than what you expected, because you didn’t quite check the dimensions properly! We have four beautiful showrooms where you can book an appointment with our expert advisors who will guide you through your gift choices and you can get the chance to see products in the flesh, making sure they are exactly what you want and there are no expected surprises!

If we change our minds, can we swap items we have been given for other products?

We believe you should receive the gifts you truly love and will cherish forever. This is why you choose when you want to order your gifts, and you are completely free to change your mind before you order. You can swap or choose different products from any of our brands. The only thing we ask you to bear in mind is that our Brand Partner product cannot be swapped for the cash value, or be swapped for products from brands we don’t work with.

Are we able to complete partially made purchases? Eg. buy more cutlery or plates to finish off a dinner service?

This is when swapping your gifts before you order is really handy! You can move funds to complete a set, or as an extra bonus we offer our couples a lifetime discount of 10% on all our brands, so you can top up your list. It’s the perfect way to replace any breakages or perhaps buy your partner a beautiful anniversary gift.

How much does TWS service cost?

To use our service to build a product based list is completely free. If you want to add cash donations to your gift lift then your guests will be charged a 2% administrative fee.

When will our items be delivered?

Once you have placed your order, you will then be notified when your gifts have all arrived in our warehouse. This will be between 8- 12 weeks from the date you place your order. We offer FREE UK delivery on a day that is convenient to you. Plus, we can also hold your gifts for up to 6 months after the last order arrives in our warehouse, in case you need a little extra time.

Are the products covered by normal guarantees/warrantees?

Of course! If anything is wrong with your item, just let us know. All our brand partner gifts are covered by the standard manufacturer’s guarantees and warrantees.

Are we able to view which items people have bought us, in order to help us send our thank you cards?

This is the fun part! You will receive an email every time a guest purchases a gift from your list. (If you want to keep this all a secret until the end, you can turn this notification off!) You then have a really useful Thank You Card Manager on your Gift List Dashboard which records your guest’s name, the item they bought, their gift message and their address. It acts as an instant and handy check-list when writing up thank you cards. We have also partnered with the wonderful online British stationery company to offer all our couples 20% off their Thank you card order – just a little thank you from us. A big thank you to Verity at The Wedding Shop for answering our questions. By the time your wedding day comes around, I can guarantee you'll be thankful that you created a gift list with The Wedding Shop. The team remove all of the hassle and make the entire process a pleasure. Why not visit their site and get started today? It's like Christmas has come early!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Gift List Provider: The Wedding Shop
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