At RMW, we are ALL about helping you to create the wedding of your dreams, whatever your budget may be. There will be people reading this post who don't want to buy anything from the high street for their wedding day and that's absolutely fine. (Ahem, I'll take this moment to direct you to our handpicked supplier directory - The List. If you want to invest in gorgeous flowers, a beautiful cake, an amazing stylist or stunning photography then that should be your first port of call). There will also be people reading who want their big day to be beautiful but just don't want to go bespoke due to the cost. And then there will be people reading who want to spend their budget on certain items - like the dress and flowers for example - but are looking to save money elsewhere. Hopefully this post can help. We've rounded up our favourite places on the high street to find items that will help to make your big day look beautiful... Like any purchase from the high street, it's about being a savvy shopper, about compromising and most of all about hunting out a good bargain. Here are our top tips for sourcing fabulous wedding finds from the high street. 1. Buy a supermarket cake and decorate with fresh flowers - this is an easy way to get a cake that looks totally fabulous and you know it will taste great too. We love Waitrose and Marks & Spencer for their celebration cakes service. 2. The high street offer some seriously fabulous options for Bridesmaids. ASOS, Monsoon, Coast and Ted Baker are firm favourites with our Brides. Guaranteed to be stylish, in current colours and much more budget friendly than some of the bespoke options out there. Think about mix and match too. A more luxe skirt paired with a high street simple camisole is a great look. 3. Likewise, don't rule out the high street for the boys either - Moss Bros have really, really upped their game. You can actually hire Ted Baker Suits through them - bet you didn't know that... Next's suit offering is also strong and Topman offer a personal shopping service where the boys get to indulge in a few beers while being shown ideas. 4. The high street Bridal offering is not to be sniffed at either. I know this isn't for everyone, but if your budget is tight, do consider it. Dresses can always be altered if the fit isn't quite right. A good seamstress is best found by word of mouth, so get chatting to your Nan's friends! The gorgeous wedding dress in our gallery is from ASOS. 5. Most of the iconic Bridal shoes have been replicated by the high street. It's not necessarily something we agree with, but they aren't pretending that the workmanship or fabrics are the same. And to be honest, a lot of your guests won't know their Manolo from their Geiger anyway. If that thought makes you a bit sick in your mouth, then head on to the next point...if not, then head over to Dune for the ultimate something blue at a fraction of the cost.
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How To Have A Stylish High Street Wedding
6. Buy photo frames, candle holders and other decorative items in the Christmas sales - you'll be amazed at what wonders you can nab. If the colours aren't quite right, have a think about painting them or wrapping them in ribbon or fabric. 7. If your venue allows, bulk buy your drink from the cash and carry - you may have to get a membership card, but it will be worth it. The budget German supermarkets are renowned for epic Prosecco at a very reasonable price per bottle. 8. Fill your venue with high street bought fairy lights. Maximum impact for a minimum cost. There isn't a venue in the land that can't be made more beautiful with the aid of fairy lights - it's a fact. 9. Consider buying your flowers from the supermarket - there are often gorgeous bunches of British blooms available, Asda and M&S both have flower buyers who are committed to British flowers and you can't really go wrong with pretty buds in glass jars. If you need a hand with arranging, this fab post on our sister blog Rock My Style will help. 10. Be prepared to compromise, you may find a bridesmaids dress you love for a bargain price, but it wasn’t in the colour you had your heart set on. If you like it, think about changing your scheme/theme slightly to include it. I’m not saying buy a dress you don’t like because it’s cheap - just that if you’re prepared to compromise, you may well save yourself some money.
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Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

ASOS Wedding Dress Shoot: Photography by Julie Michaelsen | Hair & Make Up: Sakura Makeup | Flowers: Blue Sky Flowers | Wedding Dress: ASOS | Ribbons: Pom Pom Blossom
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