This beautiful Indian multicultural wedding took place over a three day event in Lisbon! We absolutely love the inclusion of a white wedding, along with Muslim and Indian traditions. You can just feel the love radiating from the images! Nazia & Albert are clearly made for one another. We love how exuberant each aspect feels. Complete with the stunning backdrops Lisbon has to offer, this wedding is just everything and more! We are a little upset we missed out on those three days… oh, and can we just take a moment to appreciate each outfit? How gorgeous is the incredible styling? So chic!

Indian multicultural wedding with three day celebration in Lisbon

Nazia & Albert are real soulmates. You know, the ones who look at each other, laugh, and they don't even need words to explain.

Agata Mendes Photography

Nazia & Albert are a couple whom the distance of the Atlantic is not far enough to stop their love for one another. A couple who are proud of their beautiful traditions. Who blend into each others families like they'd always been together. I am thrilled to have captured their special day.

Agata Mendes Photography

We love a wedding showcasing a fusion of traditions so seamlessly - utterly breathtaking moments throughout.

It was a beautiful 3 day event in Lisbon. A combination of Indian and Muslim traditions with a white wedding - perfect!

Agata Mendes Photography

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Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Venue: Palacio Maques De Fonteira | Videographer: Delight Films | Hair Stylist: Mehwish Almas | Bridal Gown: Pronovias

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