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Candle Lit January Wedding at Dewsall Court With Manolo Blahnik Shoes and Asos Bridesmaids

If you’ve set a date for a January wedding then you need to take a glimpse at today’s winter nuptials. All too often winter wedding inspiration comes in the shape of fir trees and snowflakes with a liberal dose of Christmas sprinkled in. But what happens if your big day falls at the start of the year? Alice and George married in January and their wedding was nothing short of a candle lit dream! With nightfall coming early in winter, the gorgeous bride well and truly made use of the long winter night by opting for a change of dress in the evening. Light those candles and snuggle up. You’re in for a romantic treat.


“I put my art a-level to good use and designed the order of the day and the seating plan that would be displayed at the wedding. I certainly had some ‘Instagram vs Reality’ moments with some initial tries, but we got there in the end. We also loved the natural and rustic element of Dewsall Court and wanted to keep this alive by having all candles in vintage wine, spirit and medicine bottles. I am so pleased with how amazing this looked but it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get so many! Luckily trips to Chiswick and Pimlico car-boot sales proved fruitful and a very kind local pub donated a fair few to our cause. However, candles don’t fit in bottles so we set-up shop chiselling the bottom of the candles down so that they’d slot in. Not easy, but worth every minute.” – Alice and George

January Wedding

With their wedding falling in January, Alice and George really took advantage of the richness of winter colours and the beauty of candlelight. They illuminated their wedding breakfast with hundreds of romantic candles which glowed throughout the night. They kept the floral decoration natural opting for a dusky palette of wild flowers and foliage.


“We instantly knew what we wanted…and I’d be lying if I said we instantly found the talented people who could create it! Our venue came with our own wedding supplier who provided a fantastic list of local suppliers which we used for our DJ (who was aaaamazing). But I think the real help was definitely RMW and also Instagram -I found myself getting lost in many an RMW blog post and a slight Instagram stalking thread. This allowed us to find what we needed by having access to real weddings rather than staged images-you really get a feel for who the suppliers are this way.” – Alice and George

The bride and groom found their stationer Papier on our very own supplier directory, The List. Do take a look for more paper pretty and hundreds of other wedding suppliers.

Photography by Red On Blonde
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