Sometimes stripping it all back and turning your wedding into a proper adventure is the best thing to do. The gorgeous Jemima & Justin flew to Iceland to celebrate their union and brought close family over from Australia. The couple love to travel and so this was an excuse to tick lots more countries off their list. Jemima looks gorgeous in an cold-shoulder dress by Pearls and Roses, proving that it's absolutely fine for brides to be as sexy as hell for their wedding day. Ultimately, it's about wearing your style and Jemima most definitely looks true to her beautiful self. James Frost has captured all of the magic - the stunning Icelandic scenery and the sizzling chemistry between this loved up pair of adventurers. Without sounding insanely cheesy, these really are memories of a lifetime. (Ok so that was a little cheesy, but I don't even care - it's just all so beautiful).

Our Story

Jemima The Bride: Justin and I have been together for over 12 years and have spent a lot of our lives travelling together. We had always said we would love a wedding overseas and as we were already planning a holiday to Europe we thought Iceland would be the perfect place to elope wild, beautiful & a real adventure for us! I chose to create my own bouquet and also do my own makeup as Iceland isn't the easiest place to find flowers and also afford them.

Our Wedding

The wedding day was so memorable and even though it was freezing we didn't really feel it as we were so happy to be together and in such amazing scenery. We also planned a wedding back home in Australia where we surprised all of our friends by walking down the aisle and having a 'celebrant' direct everyone to a wall where the images James captured in Iceland were displayed to music. This caught all of our guests by surprise and they were all so happy for us. We had a big festival themed party with food trucks, cocktails and a great band.

The Bride

My dress was made by Karen at Pearls and Roses, just down the road from my home in Geelong, Victoria. My shoes were YSL. Earrings were purchased in Slovenia on our way to Iceland they were APM Monaco. My rings were handmade by Deno Macchia in Horsham Victoria Macchia Jewellery. My headpiece was an antique purchased from Etsy.

The Groom

Justin's trousers were hand tailored on a trip to Vietnam in Hoi An and the jacket was purchased in Geelong from Browse Fashions.

The Flowers

I created my own bouquet which was so fun but such a challenge to find any flowers in such a barren country. The leaves were from the side of the road, roses were from a supermarket and the others were from a garden/hardware store. I purchased the ribbons off Etsy and took them with me on the trip.

The Ceremony

We had our ceremony in the south near some beautiful waterfalls. Justin and I wrote our own vows and the ceremony was short and sweet...and super cold.

The Reception

We had an intimate dinner at Matarkjallarinn Foodcellar in Reykjavik, where a pianist was playing.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride: Pearls & Roses | Headpiece: Etsy | Groom: Browse Fashions

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