Capturing couples in places they feel at home always brings out the best in them. Jess and Luke spent lots of time around Kings Cross when they first got together, so it conjures up lots of feelings of excitement, anticipation and happiness for them. Tim Dunk is one of our favourite wedding photographers and this quirky pre-wedding shoot should show you exactly why we love his style so much...
Jess & Luke: The shoot took place on a sweltering day in our favourite city. The Kings Cross area was where we used to meet during the early days of our relationship, so it was great to go back there again. Having met and lived together in London, we moved together to Hong Kong and this was where Luke proposed - on his birthday, at the top of the Peninsula hotel overlooking the harbour. Luke's proposal was cleverly hidden in the pages of a children's book he had been drafting, so it was a total surprise!  5 months of travel around South East Asia followed, where cross-country bus rides were punctuated with wedding planning (we even took the opportunity to design our wedding clothes in Vietnam). The shoot was relaxed and fun and the photos looked incredible - there were some beautiful candid moments captured like the boy on the bike! Above all, it helped to reintroduce our excitement about the wedding which can get lost amongst all the planning. We were very keen to keep our photos playful, creative and relaxed. Tim was able to take all our ideas on board and bring some fantastic concepts to the table. As a couple we love each other's adventurous, childlike and surprising personalities and we can't wait to see what's around the corner. Tim was the perfect photographer to help us capture this.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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