Black Tie Winter Wedding with Bride in a Juliet Cap Veil & Eliza Jane Howell Wedding Dress and Groom in Velvet Dinner Jacket by Harry Michael Photography Pin Image

Winter Wedding with Bride in a Juliet Cap Veil & Eliza Jane Howell Gown

BUDGET £15 – 17.5K

Shakira and Rob are just one of those couples who are effortlessly cool. Not only do they wear a tuxedo and a Juliet cap veil, but together with Lo and Behold Bespoke they also decorated their country house wedding venue with pampas grass, forest green linens, and gold candlesticks. What a heady combination. Having such a stylish wedding and being a gorgeous black couple they’ve since started an Instagram account @notjustawhitewedding to ensure more black couples are seen and represented within the wedding industry. What a duo.


“Our wedding was all about good vibes & was an expression of us and what we liked. From the festoon lighting illuminating the foliage to the ‘’spicy boy’’ cheese toasties that we served for our guests in the evening, our wedding was all about the things that we groove on, steeped in Robert and Shakira-ness.” – Shakira & Rob

Juliet Cap Veil

Shakira is a beautiful black bride who we found one evening when we fell down an Instagram rabbit hole. We all knew you’d absolutely love her bridal style especially her Juliet cap veil. It was the perfect finishing touch to her vintage-inspired wedding dress, with the delicate lace cap framing her face beautifully. Later she and her bridesmaids add stylish leather jackets to their demure look and together they are pure squad goals walking through Northbrook Parks courtyard. And as for the men in their tuxedo’s, talk about dapper!


“We really dig the 1920s era, my wedding dress was adorned in intricate beading and my Juliet cap veil was reminiscent of the 1920s. Robert wore a black velvet dinner suit which classically complimented my dress. Instead of feathers we modernised and opted for Pampas grass & foliage, I’ve never been a flower kind of girl so instead of masses of flowers we had an abundance of candles, making it more romantic, perfect for a cosy winter wedding. Other than walking down the aisle with my dad & our nuptials, My favourite part of the day was when we had the opportunity to mingle with our guests with a cup of tea – we compartmentalised the timeline of our day, meaning we could spend the most time with our guests, enjoying and immersing ourselves in the moment.” – Shakira & Rob


“Our Stylist Lo & Behold Bespoke was phenomenal! No request was too big or small. Their attention to detail was second to none from initial sketches to the big day itself, everything was seamless and absolutely stunning! Harry Michael, Our photographer was also a man of the hour.. he was a picture ninja and captured the most beautiful images on the most amazing day of our lives! “ – Shakira & Rob

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Photography by Harry Michael Photography
Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband, three beautiful children and pet dog.

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