Not all engagement shoots were created equally and when you have Kara and Josh's genetic good fortune, plus the photography skills of Leeroy.T - the result is HOT. This truly is the engagement shoot to end all engagement shoots. I'm not sure you'll actually believe me when I say this, but Kara and Josh met on Tinder. I know, I know, I didn't think people this good looking used Tinder either, but apparently in Australia they do... ;) Those Aussies know how to up the style and gorgeousness ante on every level!!! Kara's words about love and about how she felt when she met Josh made me all weepy, so make sure you go back and read her words, once your eyes have recovered from the dazzling beauty and hotness. This is one wedding we're REALLY excited to see. I need you all to help me convince Leeroy to do a wedding season in Europe too!!! We need his talents over here!
Leeroy the Photographer: Josh is one of my ex-girlfriends little brothers, well not so little anymore. I haven’t caught up with him for 10 years, so he was just 16 when I last saw him. We connected on Facebook recently, and I noticed that he had matured into a handsome young man. Josh is a personal trainer, looking at his physique you can tell he’s good at his job. His now fiancé Kara is from Argentina, is an animal lover, and works in a pet store. They actually met on Tinder, an online dating app. Josh saw that I was a photographer, and actually reached out to me to take some photos of him. I said yeah no problem, let’s organize it. Well a month went past and I noticed on his Facebook feed that he was in Hawaii with Kara, and they got engaged. I messaged him and said let’s do an engagement shoot when they get back. We organized to meet on a Sunday afternoon at Sydney Harbour, I thought it would be cool to catch a ferry to Cockatoo Island and take some pics over there. I documented the journey through the streets of Sydney city, on to the ferry, then around Cockatoo Island. As you can see in the photos they aren’t shy of striking a pose, which of course made my life a hell of a lot easier. The result is this series of photographs. A beautiful day out on Sydney Harbour. Kara: “It is hard to fill such a big word like "love", I think we dream of this as kids to reach that beautiful non time non space "place" called love. Yes, I think it is a place, or the emptiness itself, cause someone can transport you to another dimension, like it happened to me. When I met josh, I felt a deep feeling of peace growing in my bones, all I wanted to do is cuddle him, and forget about everything that humans worry about. I became my own me, he became his own self, and we found the missing pieces of each other. He asked me if I wanna be with him forever, and I said yes. So we are going to tie the knot and seal the deal, and live happily ever after, like a fairytale, cause for me, it actually is.” Josh: “Our wedding is going to minimalistic, down by Hymes beach where we will get married underneath some washed up drift wood and have candles laid along the aisle. Keeping it simple and sweet. We will have Kara’s family and friends traveling all the way from Argentina for our special day. We will throw a big celebration to welcome them all to the family.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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