We see more and more couples getting on with life before they actually tie the knot, and London based couple Liff & Klaus had been together for 15 years before they got married. This meant that their two gorgeous daughters could play an integral role in their wedding day, including during their spiritual ceremony, beside an ancient tree in Hyde Park - the images of which are just gorgeous. We are always encouraging you to do things your way, and for this couple, having a religious AND a humanist ceremony was important - see, you can do both if that's what you want! They followed this with an intimate supper in the cool surroundings of a contemporary art gallery. It's all very laid back, very stylish and but with a dose of old school glamour that is just so very London...including a gorgeous following Ritva Westenius Bridal gown.


Amy the Photographer: I had the pleasure of photographing this spiritual art-inspired wedding over the summer in several of my favourite central London venues. Although this couple was married just recently, they have actually been together for over 15 years and in that time have built a gorgeous and loving family around themselves with two daughters who played integral roles in the events. I found this so inspirational as I know firsthand the type of stress that time, children, moving house, and life in general put can on a marriage - while many of those stresses can be enough to push a marriage to its breaking point, for these two it had been an umbrella under which their love had grown and throughout all of it they had built even stronger commitment to each other which culminated in this gesture of love.

The Ceremony

The highly spiritual couple was drawn to the idea of an intimate and free spirited ceremony but also wanted to honour a sense of the traditional and share their special moment with friends and family. Instead of opting for one or the other, they decided to hold two separate ceremonies - the first a traditional church ceremony in arguably Kensington's most gorgeous cathedrals - St. Mary Abbots on Kensington High Street; The second — a spiritual and ethereal ceremony in Hyde Park under the privacy of a tree and surrounded by high grasses where the family spend many summer afternoons picnicking in the park. The spiritual ceremony was a feast for the senses with candles, bells, ribbons and bare feet.

The Reception

The reception was equally beautiful. I had known that the Bride & Groom loved modern art, and was familiar with the art inspired decor at the Morton's Club, but it wasn’t until I stepped this couple's home for the first time and saw their collection of modern sculptures, paintings, and photographs that it all started coming together! The couple opted for a loose colour palette of peach and cream to keep the look light and fresh. The couple chose the Morton’s venue specifically because it fit in so well with their style — decked out with surrealist, abstract expressionist and other types of modern art - the space feels contemporary and fresh, and is perfect for a fun and sophisticated couple. All elements of the menu took on art-like presentations and were displayed in beautiful compositions you would expect from an abstract painting. Guests were treated to a traditional Spanish Guitar player as they enjoyed their art inspired dishes. Tables were set to be sleek and minimalistic, with simple bouquets set out to tie in the peach and white colour theme. To add to the intimacy and personalisation of the event, several of the couple’s friends contributed their artistic skills—both the stationary and the floral work were designed and created by friends of the couple!

The Dress

The bride chose a flattering A-line Ritva Westenius gown with sheer chiffon sleeves, paired a dramatic cathedral veil and nude L.K. Bennett heels. The bride’s makeup was kept light and fresh to showcase her natural beauty and hair was done up in a sophisticated bun. The adorned simple yet gorgeous black Tahitian pearl earrings chosen by the groom for their elegance on the morning of the wedding, a stunning princess cut engagement ring.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Assistant Photographer: Slawa Walczak | Dress: Ritva Westenius | Shoes: L.K. Bennett | Ceremony Venue: St Mary Abbots | Reception Venue: Morton's Club

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