A luxury wedding complete with fairy tale wedding gowns, pastel perfect floral arrangements, venue to die for AND a sustainability aspect. Guess someone just completed weddings… suppose we’ll just finish up here then. Seriously though, what can we say but, WOW. Wanting to demonstrate that not all sustainable weddings must have the boho chic vibe and can translate into a luxury wedding, Emma Jane Photography and Ella Hartig came together to create this glorious shoot! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this picture perfect inspiration. Get ready to float off into a little world of whimsical dreams…

Luxury wedding inspiration complete with fairy tale gowns and pastel florals

We wanted to do something different with this shoot, both in terms of styling and messaging. We wanted to show that sustainable doesn’t just mean boho and hessian, and luxury doesn’t just mean whites and golds.

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The Seed Card Company provide sustainable Wedding stationery. All their inks are vegan, and the paper contains seeds - after use it can be planted to grow into wild flowers. This is an amazing way to minimise the wastage of invites. Guests can plant the invite and literally watch a couple’s love grow! Likewise, any wedding day stationery such as place cards can be planted by the couple to be enjoyed for years to come!


We wanted to inspire couples to look beyond blush pink weddings and see that using colour can still be elegant. The initial colour pallet inspiration came from unicorn princess vibes, with a vision to execute this in a sophisticated muted pastel tone. The aim was colourful but classy, whilst still being sustainable. 


Every dress was made in the UK by designers who are consciously making an effort to be more sustainable in their choice of fabrics, minimisation of waste and in their workplace culture. The suits are incredibly unique and made with recycled plastic bottles. All hair and make-up products were vegan, cruelty free and sustainable.

We love this luxurious take on a sustainable wedding. It just proves that you can make eco-friendly wedding choices and your day can still look fabulous. 

I wanted to be the change I wish to see and I really hope this editorial inspires couples to make more conscious decisions when planning their wedding. Being confident in the knowledge that this won’t compromise on the luxury quality they receive.

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Is a sustainable luxury wedding for you? Don’t go anywhere! We understand looking into the sustainability side of things can be difficult, but we have plenty of inspiration available. Take a look at this sustainable wedding, complete with natural confetti and DIY bird seed favours! Or, head on over to our eco-friendly roundup! Here you’ll find plenty of weddings with a plethora of ideas to ensure your day is a little more planet friendly. 

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Written by Ella Turner

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Venue: Euridge | Planning & Styling: Ella Hartig | Florals: Blooming Haus | Poof Sleeve Dress & Sparkly Dress: Emma Beaumont Atelier | Short Wedding Dress: Miller White | Purple Dress: Sally Bean Couture | Wedding Cake: Edible Essence | Stationery: The Seed Card Company | Hair & Make Up: Sylwia Kunysz | Video: Capture Weddings | Shoes: Beyond Skin | Suit: Lyfcycle Skopes | Ring: Ingle & Rhode | Furniture & Tableware: Options Greathire | Confetti: Petals & Roses | Accessories: Gaia Studio | Male Model: Marc | Female Model: Andressa | Flatlay Coater: Mahiome Décor

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