This laid back, artistic and bohemian wedding day is just gorgeous. I'm sure it won't surprise you that the couple is French - only French people can be this cool ;) From the fashion, to the decor, to the dreamy images, everything is beautiful, relaxed and full of positive vibes. Marie & Nicholas found their wedding band on a trip to Berlin and convinced them to play at their wedding day, which is such a lovely story. They also gifted guests their CD which I think is the perfect way to say thank you to people for coming. Images come from Juli Etta, whose natural, light filled style captured this creative wedding in just the right way.

The Music

Marie The Bride: In February 2017, we were in Berlin for a mini break. We walked the streets of Berlin when we heard music in the distance, we found ourselves in front of a very beautiful cathedral. At the foot of this cathedral played two handsome boys, folk compositions. We were sitting on the ground and moved to tears by their pieces. On a sign, their little name: the Sons of Settlers. They were South African. Nicolas said to me, "Would you like them to play for our wedding?" He insisted: "They play in front of a cathedral, Jesus looks at them and looks at us. I will ask them." A few months later, we produced the Sons of Settlers for the first time in Paris in a small Parisian Bar, one day before our wedding. They played during our wedding in duo and trio with Nicolas. The guest gift was a CD with 6 tracks played by the Sons of Settlers.

The Bride

Before I even thought about marriage, I already had a crush on Rime Arodaky's wedding dresses. So when my mother asked me what would be the dress of my dreams, I dared to say "Rime!". Amazing gift, she is determined to give me one! I wore the Sewell Dress and the Sally Veil...

The Flowers

For the civil ceremony, I didn’t want a bouquet. I bought a transparent pouch and I filled it with flower buds by the local florist. For the religious ceremony, I chose Lily Paloma's flowing and wild compositions. They created compositions on the basis of the plants we wished: we loved especially the semi-flowered ark at the exit of the church.

The Venue

La Dime de Giverny, the place of our wedding doesn’t require a big work of decoration. The theme is overflowing in this place: country, chic, vegetal...We wanted a very musical, very artistic wedding, so, we added musical instruments in the patio, in the garden and in the reception room. For the decor, we rented wooden games and vintage furniture on the BigDayBazaar website. Monsieur plus Madame has created all the kraft paper stationery on the vegetal and musical theme. The little extra, built by our witness: an outdoor photobooth. The reconstitution of a room and a SharingBox to capture the moments.

The Ceremony

For the civil ceremony, I made an entry on Sexual by Neiked at the arms of my girlfriend, the neighbour of Nicolas. The one who asked Nicolas one night to go to her house because she had a girlfriend to introduce him. And here we are! Married. For the church, a Catholic ceremony at the church of Giverny. We wanted it very personal, spiritual and musical. Musicians with rock energy have teamed up with a gospel singer. We have hidden little jokes and little messages of love in the ceremonial booklet for our guests!

The Entertainment

- A picnic on the straw boots when we arrived at La Dime de Giverny, after the civil ceremomy. - Canvases and easels for young and old who would like to paint like Claude Monet (Giverny was his village). - During the cocktail, guests were gathered in the garden for a smoked fun walk on the music of a DJ friend, Djinger Twiggy who offered us a Garden Party. - A rock band composed of the musician Roger Machado, and a second Dj, Djeda. - For the opening of the ball, my mother is also a dancer. She pretended to be the bride and returned to the dance floor. Nicolas then joins the Sons of settlers on drums. They played together on 4 pieces. Being a dancer, my dancer friends made the show: they made a medley of a lot of our memories on stage and in dance class.

The Food

For the various refreshments of the day, we used Le Coq Toqué. They make super organic juice and have their own secret recipe of cider.

The Photography

We wanted to have pictures of life, moments captured. We searched among the recommended Parisian photographers. And it was on Instagram that we came across a shot of Juli Etta, a cliché full of sincerity and light. We went to her website. It's good, it was her. Juli Etta has a little something more authentic than the others photographers. In her photos, it's just YOU. She is sweet and nice but also really funny. She is discreet, you forget she's there, and yet she is everywhere!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride: Rime Arodaky | Venue: La Dime de Giverny | Florist: Lily Paloma | Drinks: Le Coq Toque | Stationery: Monsieur Plus Madame | DJ: DJ Twiggy | Band: Sons Of Settlers

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