Apologies in advance this rustic chic wedding in Provence is going to make you want to pack your bags immediately and bask in the sunshine. For now we can imagine we're there enjoying this incredibly pretty outdoor wedding at Château Alpheran planned by Monsieur plus Madame. You will probably be envious of all bride Marion's bridal attire by Nicolas Fafiotte too. Not only does she don a jumpsuit for the informal ceremony, but she also wears a gorgeous tulle skirted dress for the second nuptials, and if that wasn't enough, she swiftly removes the tulle skirt to reveal a figure hugging gown for the evening celebrations. In the words of Kylie WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW.


Marion the Bride: Sebastien and I were engaged for 5 years, and we wanted to get married but no place in our region had inspired us. My dream is to get married in Aix in Provence, my parents have a summer house, I have spent all of my holidays there. In their allotment there is a small chapel, when I was young I always said that I will get married down there. We have therefore chosen to get married in Aix, but it requires a lot of organisation since it is far away from home. We started looking for a place, not too far from the center of Aix, there is housing nearby, but we could also eat out. We had a crush for the Château Alpheran and its Millennium Cedar! As well as a sublime orangery where to dance !


The second important provider for us was the photographer, so I spent hours on the internet to find a photographer that will fit for us, and we fell under the spell of Sebastien Boudot, alive, unstaged, and natural photos, exactly what we wanted ! And when we look at his photos today, we have no regrets, they are magnificent and they accurately reflect our day.


We have chosen as a caterer, Frédérique Bernard , a caterer who’s works let us melt! He organised a cocktail and a fabulous meal. Then the extra hot dogs for snack at 3 a.m.! The next day we didn't want a traditional brunch, so we called for a pizza truck. We didn't want to finish this beautiful weekend so fast, so my parents have organised the Sunday paella around their pool. A beautiful moment enabled us to take advantage of the people that we had not been able to see in the eve!


The wedding began with the civil ceremony at the Town Hall of Aix in Provence, the Deputy Mayor was fabulous and made out of our ceremony an unforgettable moment. This was a bit in a rush after, I had to go home to dress, with my witnesses, fortunately the Church was next door. The religious ceremony in the small chapel of the neighborhood was perfect, despite the priest was in a hurry! We didn't want any recorded music, we had so called for Ariane Douguet, a fabulous soprano, and guests initially thought it was a recorded disc.


We wanted a decoration with lots of details in the reception, we therefore called for Maeva and Cedric (Monsieur plus Madame) for the day management, the decoration and also the music in the evening! They knew how to listen to our tastes and knew what we wanted: something simple! Our expectations have been fully met, many details, and customisation! I wanted during the cocktail a group of Gypsy jazz, after several weeks of searching we found Djoukil, who gave to the cocktail the desired mood: relaxed and almost out of time!

Hair & Makeup

About my hair and my makeup, I wanted to get prepared at home, Lisa has been fabulous and succeeded to do a make-up and a natural hairstyle that have lasted all day and night...


The meeting with Nicolas Fafiotte has been an eye-opener for my dress, he knew how to find the words, and what would fit for me and what didn't... I didn't want to arrive at the Town Hall in my wedding dress, I was wishing that Sébastien sees me coming in the Church with my dress, and get surprised! The time between the Town Hall and the Church was short, but I really wanted him to be surprised! In the town hall I dream of a quirky outfit as Brigitte Bardot during her first marriage: a gingham pink skirt. Nicolas has thus put on paper my ideas: a combination of lace and pants! For the day an embroidered lace dress and a skirt that I will remove later at night!

Grooms Suit

Sebastian found his costume at Faubourg Saint-Sulpice, blue with a bow tie identical to the one of our son. For the cocktail, he wanted an outfit more relaxed, so he wore a bermuda exactly matched to its costume!

Wedding Party Attire

For our son a Tartine et chocolat outfit, with matching bowtie, like his dad. For our bridesmaid we opted for white Jacadi dresses, all simple with crowns of Gypsophila. For my witnesses no specific theme, however Sebastien and his witnesses have matched their bowties and their socks. We have been surrounded by fabulous providers, but the day goes so fast...
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress Designer: Nicolas Fiotte | Bridesmaid: Jacadi | Groom: Faubourg Saint-Sulpice | Page Boy: Tartine et chocolat | Planning: Monsieur plus Madame | Venue: Château Alpheran | Catering : Frédérique Bernard | Entertainment: Ariane Douguet | Djoukil
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