Well this all rather pretty isn't it? I love the use of dried flowers, they just add another element of texture to proceedings, plus they have the added bonus of lasting far longer than fresh blooms. Marta & Mario carried through the rustic vibes of the flowers into the styling for the whole of their big day, this wedding is full of pretty details everywhere you look. I'm also loving Marta's stylish look - her high necked gown and pixie crop hair combo are just perfection, major #weddinghairgoals for those of you with short hair...
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The Fashion

From The Couple: The bride wore a tailor-made simple elegant dress with a tulle skirt and an embroidered cloak; hairs were adorned with a flower garland. During the evening, a belt and a woollen cloak added a touch of green on the bride dress, and a Swarovski little strip replaced the flower garland as a headdress. Groom’s tailor made dress is inspired to the Italian countryside tradition: black, with a waistcoat and flat cap.

The Venue

Having both grown up in a small village surrounded by farms, the groom and the bride wished to reproduce a traditional Italian country wedding with merry guests, good food and lots of flowers. They have chosen a little medieval church for the religious ceremony, and an old dwelling surrounded by fields of grapevines and olive trees for the wedding banquet.

The Decor

Setting a mood that would reflect the couple’s wish - a country-style wedding – has been easy. We used nature as a source of inspiration, and decided to use simple materials such as craft-paper, cardboard, twine, jute and wood. The overall result was very satisfying.

The Florals

The floral decoration, which adorned both the church and the wedding reception, conformed very well with the chosen style: big floral arrangements with green branches, fresh and dried flowers laid down on logs, and a big green arch put on the church’s main entrance. Flowers embellished the details of this autumnal wedding: we used it for the graphic layouts and for the little glass jars placed at the centre of the tables; we used it for the menu as well, painting them on clothes sewn onto cardboard; we put flower seeds inside little bags to use it as place cards. The exterior of the wedding reception has been decked with little flags; the interior has been decorated with rustic tables without tablecloth, surrounded by hay bales, typefaces, vintage laces, jars with flowers, and tubs.

The Entertainment

Live music and folkloristic songs made guests dance all night at the venue.

The Food

The menu was simple and traditional with lots of main courses and side dishes made with seasonal vegetables. All dishes have been served at the tables. The wedding cake has been made by the venue’s chef: a puff pastry tiered cake decorated with flowers, and a cardboard topping celebrating the couple.

The Photography

Andrea Calvano has been the wedding official photographer. He took pictures of the bride’s preparation before ceremony. He maintained a discreet presence throughout.

The Videography

Jessica Ballerini has been the wedding videographer. In her video she captured the most meaningful and beautiful moments of the ceremony.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Videography: Jessica Ballerini | Venue: Villa Chiara | Planning & Styling: Creamano
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