Judging by the RMW Instagram feed, it seems that you gorgeous people have a bit of a thing for a sparkler shot. But these stunning images don't just appear - there's a lot of planning and coordination involved. Lucky for you we've got seriously talented photographer Darek Smietana to share his insight into capturing the moment. Enjoy!

Sparklers At Weddings

1. Buy the longest sparklers you can find.

2. Either hand out sparklers at the door or leave a few buckets for guests to help themselves. Try to avoid giving sparklers to the guests too soon before lighting, as at this stage some people may have had a little too much to drink ;)

3. Assign the coordination of the arch to a friend, usher or family member.

4. Ask the DJ, Band or MC to announce to your guests to gather outside in a place agreed with the venue and photographer, taking into account a good photographic backdrop as well as health and safety!

5. As the guests leave, ask them to arrange themselves in two rows with enough distance in between them for the bride and groom to pass through easily. Be mindful of where they are standing - try not to put them in muddy grass - a path or gravelled area is probably best.

Sparkler Send Off For Wedding

6. Liaise directly with the photographer as to when they feel the guests are in the right position then arrange for the bride and groom to stand at the foot of the arch.

7. Make sure a few of your party have lighters, matches or big candles but make sure no one lights their sparkler until instructed. I recommend one lighting source per ten guests.

8. Ask guests to light their sparklers and remind them to point the sparklers up into the air and not directly at the happy couple!

9. Stand still, let the couple run down the sparkler aisle and let the photographer work their magic - you've got around 30 secs to a minute to nail the perfect shot (if you're speedy, you can run through twice)!

Sparkler Send Off Photographs // How To Set Up A Sparkler Send Off At A Wedding


Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Slider Images: Darek Smietana | Samuel Docker
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