Judging by the recent weddings we've shared, it seems that everyone is loving sparkler send off shots as much as we are. While these stunning images look so candid and effortless, there's a lot of planning and coordination involved. We've picked some of our favourite sparkler send off images for inspiration and give you some insight and advice about how to absolutely nail them! Enjoy!

Sparkler send off photos are becoming essential to include in your must-have wedding photos!

Preparation and Planning

Obviously, getting THAT perfect sparkler shot might take a little bit of time. So, make sure you buy the longest sparklers you can find! When prepping for the pictures, make sure to hand out the sparklers to guests or leave some buckets or glass vases for guests to help themselves. Although, remember, this is the end of the night when some people will have had a little to drink, or a LOT to drink. So don't give these out too early before lighting. On the day, you don't need to be worrying about this, so assign these duties to a bridesmaid, usher or family member/friend that you trust.

Positions, Please!

It's almost time! You should ask the DJ, MC or wedding band to announce to gather outside (in a predetermined spot you've agreed with the venue and your photographer). Taking into account the background and location of the picture is almost as important as the sparklers themselves! Also, it's important for the venue to know for health and safety reasons. Get the guests arranged in two rows so you can walk in between or in a semi-circle around you, whatever floats your boat. Try to be considerate of where your guests stand too, no one likes having their high heels sinking into mud or getting their shiny new shoes dirty. A path or gravelled area is probably best. Liaise directly with your photographer as to when they feel the guests are in the right position.

Light 'Em Up!

Allow some members of your wedding party to have lighters, matches or big candles so that the sparklers can be lit up quickly and mostly at the same time. Make sure no one lights up until the time is right. Having a sparkler per ten guests should make for a nice even coverage (depending on the size of your wedding party). Get them all lit up and remind the guests to point the sparkler to the sky and not at you, the couple! Have all the guests standing still while the couple have their moment and the photographer works their magic. You have around 30 seconds to a minute to nail the perfect shot (if you're speedy, you could run through twice).

Sparkler send off photos aren't a want but a need!

Woo! Now you know everything you need to master the sparkler send off shot! But if you're looking for more wedding photo inspiration, then you should take a look at our smoke bomb photo roundup that includes advice and more wedding inspiration. Or take a look at the ten must-have wedding photos.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

Slider Images: Darek Smietana | Samuel Docker
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