We've featured confetti cannonssparkler send-offs, and now we welcome the new wedding trend: smoke bomb photos. If you want smokin’ hot captures to treasure forever, then allow us to share all the inspiration, facts and myths to nail your shot!

Couples Portraits

Couples portraits are often the images you'll frame and hang on your wall. A special moment captured for just you and your partner. That doesn't mean you can't have fun whilst you're doing it. Adding a coloured flare can not only enhance this moment but MAKE it! As a smoke bomb is considered a firework, check with your venue that you are allowed to set them off within their grounds.

Wedding Party

Jasmine and Stephanie's smoke bomb wedding photo captured by Recommended photographer, Twig and Vine Photography, recently exploded on our Instagram. I mean, it's not hard to see why. What a shot! Incorporating your wedding party and guests into your portrait can ensure you're at the forefront of the photograph. Make sure everyone who is responsible for holding the smoke grenade is comfortable and ready! They last about 60-90 seconds, so you may want to buy a few to ensure you get it right. And if you've opted for several different colours, make sure everyone is standing in the correct position.

Golden Hour

Golden hour portraits and smoke bomb portraits go together like movies and popcorn. Sweet, satisfying and full of atmosphere. The smoke glistens in the natural light and the results couldn't be more romantic.


Some smoke flares aren't designed to be held as they can get quite hot. So if you're planning on holding your smoke bombs make sure you check this before purchasing them. We think laying smoke bombs on the floor and letting them fill your backdrop looks just as incredible. You can choose a coloured smoke bomb to add contrast to the natural surroundings or enhance it with complementing colours.


Be adventurous when you use your smoke bombs. Whilst the most popular choice is to gather your wedding party and stand in a line, Samantha and Tom held theirs out the side windows of their vintage mustang wedding car and the results are killer! We'd love to see them used on bikes with sidecarsboats and buses too.


We've been asked many questions over the years regarding Smoke Bombs. From, "are they safe?" to, "do they stain?" Well, the answer to both of those is yes. But we'll happily elaborate a bit more so you feel well informed.

Are They Safe?

As mentioned above they are considered a firework so there are lots of safety precautions and measures you need to take into consideration. Be aware of your surroundings, are there high winds? Is the area highly flammable or crowded? You'll need to make sure you are in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling too much smoke, and you have appropriate measures to extinguish the grenade once it's been used.

Do They Stain?

In short, yes some varieties can. And the sparks can also burn. Especially if you set them down on the ground, so consider this if it is your preferred choice for a smoke bomb portrait. If you plan to hold them, your clothes should be ok provided you remain at a safe distance (roughly 2-3 feet) and are just standing in the smoke cloud. But a sure-fire way to test this is to do a practice run before the big day in some old clothes.  

We recommend buying Wire Pull Smoke Grenades because they burn cool. Plus, these smoke bombs fire non-toxic smoke and have a fully biodegradable body. 


If you're planning on capturing a smoke bomb wedding photo, ask your photographer if they have worked with smoke bombs before. They may have a few tricks of the trade or be able to assist in organising it. Be sure to save and share our article with them for lots of inspiration and advice too!

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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