Beth and Ravi truly had the best of both worlds, starting their day with a jaan, Hindu ceremony and Gujarati Thali lunch followed by a traditional English civil wedding ceremony and candlelit reception. They had two incredible outfits and made full use of all the grounds and rooms at Elmore Court giving each part of their day a different look and feel. And there isn't one moment, where they or their guests aren't full of joy. Just perfect.

What Made Our Day Unique

A few of our friends had fusion weddings but often they were over multiple days. We wanted to have one spectacular day in which both cultures were equally represented. We had a jaan, Hindu ceremony and Gujarati Thali lunch followed by a traditional English civil ceremony and sit down reception. We had a lot of really personal elements. Ravi wore the same Sherwani that his Dad wore at his wedding and our wedding bands were made from his Grandma's gold and diamonds. The Mandap was built by my dad which was also really special for us.

Beth & Ravi

Civil Wedding Ceremony

For those of you that aren't sure a civil wedding ceremony is a marriage without any religious context. Which is ideal for Beth and Ravi as they were able to express themselves perfectly during their Hindu ceremony and the civil ceremony honouring both their heritage's and family traditions. They took full advantage of Elmore Courts lovely grounds, holding the Hindu wedding in the Gillflower and the civil ceremony in the main house, And of course had two wonderful outfits for each part of their day.

Inspiration & Styling

We really wanted the day to be simple and elegant. The venue was so beautiful that less was definitely more. A lot of Indian weddings can be very heavy on the decoration with hugely elaborate mandaps, but Ravi and I are really laid back and wanted the day to reflect that. We also knew that the civil ceremony would be happening later in the day so we liked that we could light lots of candles. Ravi's favourite moments was his entrance on the horse. I wasn't meant to be there, but I managed to get a great view from a window in the house. It was a brilliant way to start the day with all the guests dancing around him to the drummers. My favourite moment was the speeches. That's often the most personal bit of the wedding and each speech had the entire room laughing.

Beth & Ravi

After enjoying a dessert with their wedding breakfast, Beth and Ravi opted for a cheese tower wedding cake. A top tip from them is - It freezes! So, they have been able to enjoy cheese for months after their wedding date. If you're considering having a cheese tower instead of a wedding cake, read our five top tips for creating your own.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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