We’re simply obsessing over this non-denominational wedding ceremony and all it has to offer! Lisa & Gabriel were all about the DIY aspects and ensuring their day was a perfect reflection of who they are. Their caterers were chosen as they wanted an entirely vegetarian and organic menu, alongside friends who happen to be musicians, meaning they could jam all day long! The florals were created entirely by the couple themselves, and we are blown away. Seriously, they look as though they’ve stepped right out of a retro movie. Who said they could be so cool!?

Non-denominational wedding ceremony 

Take your time and plan things in advance. Don't hesitate to do things by yourself if you feel like it.

Lisa & Gabriel


Lisa & Gabriel found their ceremony to be the highlight of their day! They found it incredibly moving to see all their friends and family gathered in the same place. It was very important to them for their loved ones to witness this beautiful moment. Their friends had speeches ready, and they loved hearing things that are rarely put into words. Lisa’s dad played the piano and some Duduk flute, as he had written a song for the occasion. Your ceremony can truly be as personal as you want, and it doesn’t have to include those traditions you may not necessarily need. 

Could a DIY wedding be for you?

Of course, we have to give our photographer a big shout-out because in the end, when the party is over, the only thing remaining is the pictures. 

Lisa & Gabriel

Lisa & Gabriel’s non-denominational wedding ceremony is the perfect example of doing it your way! From the DIY aspects to the vegetarian meal to Lisa’s pre-loved wedding dress - it’s got it all! We’re also loving the industrial vibe throughout and the festoon lighting. It's always got our vote.

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Venue: La Factory | Catering: Toasté Traiteur | Grooms Suit: Gucci | Shoes: Dr Martens

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