This candy loving couple inspired this pastel wedding inspiration with flower clouds that look like rainbow drops, dessert tables complete with doughnuts and flying saucers. Plus, killer fashion. Luke dons a pale blue wedding suit with a black metal bow tie, boots and hat. And Lilly wears bridal separates, boots and a customised leather jacket. If this isn't the stuff of Willy Wonkers (and ours for that matter) dreams then I don't know what is. "Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination."

Pastel wedding inspiration with balloons installation, flower clouds and pale blue wedding suit.

Right at the harbour of Dusseldorf (Germany), you can find this very stylish location called ‘Plange Mühle’ with an awesome view. Years ago, this location has been a reservoir for wheat, which has been shipped throughout the world. Now you find a cool and modern place to celebrate life and love. We combined the industrial chic with all those sweet candy colours to get a perfect contrast that stands out.

Ramona Baade - Wedding Planner & Event Design


These two crazy lovebirds Luke and Lilly love candy more than anything. This is why they wanted candy to be everywhere but in a stylish way. As his favourite colour is black and hers every candy colour, there had been a huge question mark on how to make the colours fit. But as you can see it works, and a land of milk and honey was born. Candy can even be found everywhere, even in the bride’s pink hair: tiny little marshmallows and a bow made of cotton candy. There is no sweeter way to get married.


Luke and Lilly both love their black combat boots and wear them daily. This is why they couldn’t give them up on their special day, but why should they? Don’t they both look like rock stars? The custom-made and hand-painted leather jacket saying “Sweets for my Sweet, Sugar for my Honey” and the cool black bow tie made of metal make each style unique. Completed with black rings and standing out against Lilly's white gown and Luke's pale blue wedding suit.

Love is sweet, and so is this dessert table with doughnuts, macaroons and drip wedding cake.

Crazy is just the perfect word to describe this unconventional couple. They never pretend to be anything but themselves and love joking around. Upcycled cans used as vases and doughnuts used as candle holders with lots of coloured popcorn and sweets make the dinner table look fabulous. These simple and cool details make their wedding unique and even fit in the smallest budget.

Ramona Baade - Wedding Planner & Event Design

We love seeing grooms embracing their own personal style on their wedding day. Luke perfectly combines a pale blue wedding suit with black boots and a hat, and looks, killer! If you're after more grooms suit or groomsmen inspiration we've got you.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Photography: Norma Ramin | Venue: Plange Mühle | Wedding Planner and Event Design: Just Younique | Florals: Hochzeitsbouquetterie | Wedding Dress Boutique : Labude Brautmode | Rings: Trauringschmiede | Hair & Makeup: Make-Up by Sarahlena | Grooms Attire: DU4 | Videography: Kira Hollmann | Stationery: Pimp your Wedding | Sweet Table: Penny Cakes | Furniture Rentals: NIMMPLATZ | Acryl Rentals (Sweet Table): Shine Event Design | Officient: Liebe im Herzen | Photo Camper: Clementine the tiny camper | Cocktails: Starkeepers | Balloons: BallonBrilliant | Leather Jacket: Fabricstattoo | Metal Bow Tie: ZALU METAL BOW TIES | Dishes: Motel a Miio | Models: Cindy, Dominic

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