Here's one for the boys! We've shared a roundup of Grooms suits before but what about your groomsmen? The lads? The boys? His comrades? In this roundup of groomsmen suits, we look at everything from popular blue to your male friends rocking up sans suit jacket. Whether you're hiring or buying to wear again there are so many options when it comes to your Groomsmen's attire for the day. Let's get to it shall we with a look at some of our favourite ways to dress your favourite fellas.

Blue Groomsmens Suits

Never mind 50 shades of grey we're talking 50 shades of blue. From the darkest navy to the lightest pale baby blue, everything is an option if you go for this popular suit colour.

Matchy Matchy Groomsmen

There's no need to dress your groomsmen in different outfits to the groom. Matchy-matchy is absolutely acceptable. We do it with bridesmaids all the time so the guys in your lineup shouldn't be treated any differently. It's also one less thing to think about. You're welcome.

Black Tie

Black tie weddings have been on the rise over the last couple of years and we can totally understand why. Put your dapper Dan's in a dinner suit and watch them shine. You can go for all black or mix it up and put the groom in an alternative colour or even ditch the black bow for something more fun.

Neutral Groomsmen Suits

Neutral tones aren't just for beach weddings. We're totally into the light jacket darker pants combo too. Neutrals also look great for casual or more formal weddings. A light suit with an open collar looks just as chic as a full three-piece neutral suit.

No Jacket Option

Technically your groomsmen suits aren't really suits if there's no jacket but allow us this one. For a more casual laid back affair you could look at opting for trousers and a shirt. If you want to lose the jacket but still make it fancy, you could add braces or a bow tie. Or both. Because why not.

Tweed Groomsmen Suits

A firm wedding favourite. We love a suit with a bit of texture and if you go for a wool tweed you can rock it in any season. Famously known for keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer a woollen tweed is a great option for any wedding. It also comes in a great selection of colours so you're bound to find tweed groomsmen suits to fit in perfectly with your day.

We hope that's given you some inspiration when it comes to you choosing your groomsmen suits. And if you want some more information about what to expect from a suit fitting and what makes a good suit, we've got an article for that! You can also take a look at our dedicated groomsmen Pinterest board for even more inspiration.

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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