We are seriously feeling all the love at this Park Farm wedding! Wanting to create a village fete atmosphere, Fez & Sophie went all in with garden games and plenty of colour. They also wanted to use all female, small business suppliers, which we absolutely love! With a relaxed and informal vibe, each aspect of their day reflects who they are as a couple. Complete with dried florals, a huge paella and the Pride rainbow, we’re not sure this day could get any better. Oh, and playing tug of war in your wedding gown? Now that’s impressive. 

Park Farm wedding complete with village fete vibe and the Pride rainbow 

As this was on a farm we incorporated lawn games such as hook a duck, limbo and a giant game of tug of war! The Pride Rainbow was included in our decor with multi coloured dried flowers and hop wreaths to reflect the surrounding countryside.

Fez & Sophie


The vibe was a relaxed and informal atmosphere inspired by a village fete. The venue is looked over by Shuckburgh Hall and we wanted to embrace the beauty of the isolated countryside. Our decor of dried flowers, Hop wreaths and wild flowers such as Corn, Lavender and Thistles reflected the local British countryside. We had a giant Tug of War and played games such as Hook a Duck on the lawn opposite the farm. We did not have a colour scheme so that the Pride Rainbow could be subtlety incorporated.


Don’t get wrapped up in the small stuff! We did not know what our wedding would look like until 2 weeks before our day (due to restrictions and announcements). We had to make the most of what we had in those 2 weeks. The pandemic made us realise that the small details such as cake toppers and table favours mean nothing if you can’t have all of your loved ones there and we are so lucky that we did!

We just love the rustic feel to this day, it works so perfectly within the countryside setting.

Our favourite moment of the day was our speeches. As we are a Nurse and a Police Officer, we got to thank all of our NHS colleagues for their support during the pandemic! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Also our dads had secretly worn rainbow braces and they suddenly showed these! It meant a lot as this was a small but meaningful support of our LGBTQ background.

Fez & Sophie

This glorious Park Farm wedding is giving us all the feels! Be sure to check out this lesbian wedding complete in a romantic rustic venue. Or how about this beautiful Crab And Lobster wedding (not actually a crab and lobster marrying…), with a drag queen DJ and Sunday roast!

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Venue: Park Farm | Florist: The Bloom Project | Bar: The Cotswold Bar Company | Hair Stylist: Aura Clinic | Makeup Artist: Sophie Taylor MUA

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