Pets at weddings are most definitely on the rise, and why not, they are part of the family after all. We're seeing them give their owners a run for their money in the cutest wedding outfitsflower collarsbow ties and hats! And, whilst dogs at weddings are by far the most popular pet to bring to your special day, we've also seen cats, horses, llamas and more joining in the celebrations. Below are just some of our favourites, but you can see lots more furry friends on our Pets At Weddings Pinterest board.

Pets At Weddings... yay or nay?

Garden Wedding Reception With DIY Decor And Wildflowers

Emma and Jonny's summer wedding took place at home with DIY decor, homemade sausage rolls and their pet dogs. The familiar and relaxed atmosphere meant they could roll about in the grass with their pets, and have total freedom over their day. They used local suppliers where they could, only making an exception for their photographer, whose golden hour photos were so good, they reduced them to tears

Garden Party Wedding In Devon With Christian Blessing

Another garden wedding for you, but this time in Devon, and this time with a cat in a hat! Yep, you heard me correctly. Groom Robin wore a fabulous Fedora hat which he popped on his cat during the intimate photos. And, although this feline looked rather dapper, it certainly didn't detract from the bride's exquisite applique veil. Alice and Robin, we salute you for this intimate, yet incredibly stylish celebration.

Surprise Wedding At Chelsea Old Town Hall

Kay and Charlie's pet dog was one of the only ones in on their surprise wedding. Joining them from beginning to end, as they walked to the town hall ceremony, and again at their pub reception. He followed the black-tie dress code beautifully, rocking a mini tuxedo and looking rather dapper with his humans also in a tux and off the shoulder wedding dress. It was so important to Kay and Charlie their dog could join them on their day and were so pleased to find a venue that was dog-friendly for their reception.

Classic Wedding at Foxhill Manor With Two Grooms and Pet Dachshund

James and Dean opted for a classic wedding with 60 of their closest friends, family and their long-haired pet dachshund, called Winston. Winston followed them as they walked down the aisle together, and joined them for couples portraits in the gardens. Although the dress code was black-tie, everyone looked relaxed enjoying the countryside venue. Especially Winston. 

Church Wedding Ceremony And Colourful Sperry Tent Reception

Lottie and Lanto got married at the local parish, then headed back to mum and dads for a Sperry Tent reception. The colour palette consisted of cool blues and a pop of pink, with impressive floral arrangements, bouquets, and even a flower collar for Lottie's horse. They also had all their dogs running around in the gardens at the reception, which as animal lovers meant so much to them.

Outdoor Ceremony At Micklefield Hall With Two Brides

Whilst Natalie and Melissa's dachshunds brought the cute factor to their Michlefield Hall wedding in bow ties. Natalie and Melissa most definitely brought the wow factor in their complementing lace dresses. The vibe of the day was all about having fun and embracing the natural beauty the venue had to offer, and we can confidently say, they nailed it!

Intimate Multicultural Wedding With Korean Wedding Dress

Elaine and Andrew's wedding took place in 2020 when restrictions had only just been lifted on weddings and guests numbers were kept to a minimum. Luckily those numbers didn't stretch to four-legged friends. And, although their day wasn't how they initially thought they'd celebrate, it was equally as special. They used the extra time to change into traditional Korean Hanboks, and take many couples portraits. Such an inspiration, and lovely reminder, love wins. Always.

Multicultural wedding with Nikah Ceremony And Gold Wedding Dress

Whilst Irram and Daniel don't have any pets of their own, they did hire a petting zoo for their wedding. As Irram quite rightly says, and we concur - "Who doesn't want to pet cute fluffy friends on their wedding day. Kids and adults alike loved it." They seamlessly merged both of their cultures and passions resulting in an opulent yet classic wedding.

If your pet is of a nervous disposition, it might be best to keep their visit short and sweet and away from the crowd

In theory pets at weddings sounds pretty amazing doesn't it, but if logistically you're thinking it could be quite tricky, then don't fear, because, new, Recommended supplier, APadForPaws&Co can chaperone your dog on your wedding day. Meaning you get to include your furry friends in your special day without the responsibility of making sure they don't help themselves to the canapes! Reward them later with a new toy or accessory by adding a treat to your wedding gift lift. We all know they deserve it.

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