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Wedding Readings

Have you chosen your wedding readings yet? Are you even having any? In this episode we discuss the three rules of wedding readings. We chat about our own and give you lots of ideas for where you can find the perfect wedding reading for you. And what about alternatives to wedding readings? How about having your guests all sing a song rather than have one person have to read or what if you don’t have anyone who wants to read for you? Maybe you could put it into your order of service instead! See, full of ideas! Happy listening 🙂



  • wedding reading ideas
    Wedding Readings - Ideas For Your Ceremony
    Choosing the wedding readings for your ceremony is one of the nicest jobs of wedding planning - whatever type of ceremony you are having, there is usually room for a personal reading or two. Often it's something that you'll work on with your fiancé, choosing meaningful literary extracts or poems th...
  • non religious wedding readings
    Wedding Reading Ideas For Your Non Religious Ceremony
    When it comes to finding non religious wedding readings, it can be really hard to plough through the cheese, or find something that resonates to both you and your partner. Today we're sharing some of our favourite, more unusual wedding reading ideas. More and more of you seem to be doing the legal b...
  • alternative wedding readings
    10 Romantic Songs That Make Excellent Wedding Readings
    If you're on the hunt for alternative wedding readings, then have a think about using a song instead. There are a million love songs out there, all with absolutely gorgeous lyrics that you could use in place of a traditional wedding reading. Here are ten of our favourites... And if you need any m...

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