You'd be dotty not to be, well, dotty for this fantastic wed fest set in an old veterinary college in Edinburgh. The bridesmaids burnt orange dresses - sourced from Australia - add an amazing autumnal colour to proceedings and look so good with the beautiful botanicals and foliage which frame the dissection room where dinner was served. Bride Siobhan is a total babe, pairing her stunning Charlie Brear gown (oh hello cheeky leg split!) with a Frida Kahlo-inspired flower crown and polka dot wedding veil. All together now, she wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot... oh wait...

Inspiration Behind The Styling

We went for a modern minimalist style with a vintage twist – think lots of jungle leaves, gold and a quirky vintage photobooth. I got a lot of inspiration from cafes, shops or hotels we visited over the period we were engaged. I took so many photos and kept sending them to people saying, “Can you help me make this?!” The venue was a blank canvas and we did absolutely all the decorating and planning ourselves: my mum and step-dad gathered all the glass bottles for the tables (we had over 100 in the end!) and my aunt filled the floor-to-ceiling cabinets in the dissection room with tokens that reminded her of Ben and I. There was a breakout room, which we decorated with throws and a home-built photobooth, whilst my uncle – an artist – created amazing industrial-style sculptures for us.

Siobhan & Ben

Polka Dot Wedding Veil

Here at RMW, we absolutely love bridal accessories, and the veil is one of the most iconic. Indeed, ask any newlywed and she will tell you that the moment she first felt like a bride was the moment she tried on a veil. But, as with all things weddings, veils are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. You don't have to have a cathedral-length lace number just because your mum thinks it's traditional, nor do you need to wear a blusher - the bit that falls over your face as you walk down the aisle towards your beau - if you don't want to. If you prefer a polka dot wedding veil like Siobhan (which we love), or perhaps even a bridal cape, go for it. Remember, like every element of your wedding, this is your day, your way, so do you.

Advice For Brides-to-be

The best thing someone said to me on the day was, “Look around the room at how happy everyone is. You have created this atmosphere and this buzz”. I really felt this rung true and probably would have been the case even if we were all crammed in the local pub! Your friends and family are just happy to be there for you on your special day. I would also say that if you feel up to it, do a speech. Even though I was a little nervous, it was a wonderful opportunity to personally thank people, including Ben!

Siobhan & Ben

As with any outfit, accessories can make or break your bridal look - but with so many options out there, where do you start? In Series 2, Episode 4 of our podcast, Charlotte and Becky cover everything from capes to hair vines so that you, too, can be as stylish as today's blushing bride Siobhan. And for an amazing array of veils, including bespoke options, be sure to check out Britten Weddings, one of our handpicked suppliers who make the most beautiful veils and accessories.

Victoria Honan

Written by Victoria Honan

Venue: Summerhall | Dress Designer: Charlie Brear | Jewellery: Eleanor Symms | Hair and Make Up: AMM | Groom's Suit: Heart & Dagger from ASOS | Florist: Rose & Ammi | Catering: Bespoke Catering | Cake: SugarDaddy's bakery | String Quartet: Arta Quarter | Band: The Soul Foundation

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