Pumpkin wedding decorations? Honestly, it’s a necessity we didn’t realise we needed. Alex & Rae finally got their big wedding day after their original smaller ceremony. With almost everything designed by them, an Autumnal vibe, and pops of colour throughout, this gorgeous couple know how to style it out! Their day was catered by our fabulous Recommended Suppliers, Touchays, and was loved by all (especially the vegan crispy chilli beef!) We suggest you read on for the adorable reason as to why the pumpkin decorations came about…

Pumpkin wedding decorations for lesbian wedding

Alex calls me pumpkin so that was our vision; down to earth Autumn theme with a hint of pumpkins. Our vibe was keeping the feeling of true love, down to earth and connected.



You will 100% try to please people you have invited to the day. DON’T get lost in that whirlwind. It is YOUR day! Before you go inviting everyone, stop, think, and allow the excitement to settle before inviting everyone. Our planning was easy. Alex took the lead, but we discussed our vision beforehand before settling. You both have to feel apart of the planning so you turn up and fall in love with your day. Don't stay traditional - do it your way. It's your day!


Instagram was a great help. Looking at one supplier links you to many other suppliers! If we liked the supplier we then looked at their Facebook, website, YouTube, reviews etc. This was to get a better idea of their work. We then arranged a meeting to get a feel of their personality. It's important to gel with the person(s) who are suppling their service.

How incredible is the floral arch made by Rae? We are just loving it!

The suppliers arch was broken, so I made one. Two log cut offs as the feet and used recycled wood to make the arch. Once the flower lady worked her magic, the arch was bloody amazing! The arch was the best feature for me. 


Pumpkin wedding decorations are now officially on our list of ‘Loving It!’ If you’re looking for more Autumnal vibes, take a look at our pumpkin spice wedding inspiration. If you’re looking to take things down the DIY road like Alex & Rae, head on over to our Planning section, where you’ll even find a DIY Doughnut Wall

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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Venue: Hayne House | Videographer: MAC Videography | Florist: Orchard Blooms | Catering: Touchays | Wedding Cake: The Baking Fairy | Makeup Artist: Kelly Jenner Makeup | Bridal Outfit: Perfection Bridal | Celebrant: Karlina Shorter

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