The doughnut wall has taken the world of weddings by storm. If you've decided to hire or buy a board to position doughnuts on then it's very easy to set up your own wall. However, if you're opting to DIY your own board then it could take you a few hours to knock together. Today's tutorial shows you how to create a show-stopping wedding doughnut wall in minutes. Yes minutes! All you need to do is ditch the board and grab yourself a mirror instead.

Adam shot this post on the hottest day of the year and the display held up very well. My top tip would be to make sure your hooks are secured well otherwise you may find a rogue doughnut or two at the bottom of your display!

Doughnut Wall Tutorial What You Will Need

  • Mirror. (This one is from my own house and you can find similar at Farthing. I contemplated using a really large mirror which stands in my living room which could look very effective especially if you have lots of mouths to feed.

  • Self-adhesive hooks. It's worth bearing in mind once a guest takes a doughnut then the hook will be visible. We used these chrome ones from B&M.
  • A selection of doughnuts
  • Optional florals and signage​​​​​​


Doughnut Wall Tutorial Instructions

  • I'm sure you've all worked out from the products above that the next step is very simple. All you need to do is stick the hook on to the mirror by peeling off the film on the back. It's worth bearing in mind the size of your doughnuts and positioning the hooks to ensure there's space between each of your sweet treats.
  • Carefully position one doughnut on each hook and watch your guests flock to your very fun dessert bar.


Top Tips For Doughnut Mirror Walls

Please bear in mind mirrors can be very heavy so ensure the mirror is fully secured before letting your guests loose on the doughnuts! Cake stands piled with more doughnuts are an ideal way to feed a larger crowd. Anyone thinking of DIYing their own Wedding Doughnut Wall?

doughnut wall-01.jpg


Lauren C

Written by Lauren C

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