During the most romantic week of the year it's only fair we woo you with an incredibly dreamy engagement shoot in Rome. The lovely Wedding Stylist Sundari teamed up with Cecelina Photography to produce an absolutely mesmerising pre wedding shoot for Rebecca & Lorenzo. Every capture is full of love, heartfelt moments and gorgeousness and I'm certain if you weren't considering an engagement shoot before, you will be now. Also, all the heart eyes for Rebecca's Katya Katya Shehurina lace gown & olive leaves bouquet.


From the Team: We met our gorgeous couple in a tiny hotel room in Rome; it was a chance meeting with make-up artist Louise Faulkner that brought us all together. What became apparent almost immediately after meeting Rebecca and Lorenzo was their synchronicity and the energy they brought out in one another. Rebecca's story of how she travelled from England to teach and live in Italy and how she subsequently met Lorenzo had us all enamoured and desperate to capture their love on film. With the balmy afternoon sun beating down on us, we walked through Villa Borghese's beautiful gardens with local Italian well-wishers calling out "Aguri" (congratulations in Italian). It was such a special day and we couldn't have felt more at ease with our couple. They came to us open and warm, we learned about their love and walked away from our time together as friends, but our favourite moment of the day? Seeing them light up in front of Cecelina's lens and capturing their honest and spectacular love in the most magical way.
Rebecca the Bride: Apart from loving him more than I've ever loved anyone, what stands out for me in our relationship is the mix of cultures. We take the best (and often the worst) of the English and Italian culture, and use it in our everyday lives. We spoke only English the first six months of our relationship as I was still learning Italian and too embarrassed to make a mistake. That soon changed when I met Lorenzo's parents (who don't speak a word of English) so I threw myself in. I remember the panic of trying to make a good impression while putting on my best Italian. In the end, we drank red wine all night and discussed the best way to make pasta! I think the reason we work so well as a couple is that we really make the effort to communicate; sometimes the simplest things can get lost in translation so communication - and patience - is key. We also accept each other's ways and try to accommodate one another. I've learnt how to make lasagne just like his mamma, and he's learnt to make me a nice cup of English tea! We're getting married later this year in a beautiful Borgo just outside Rome. The ceremony will take place in an outdoor amphitheatre surrounded by trees, with dinner and dancing beside the ivy-covered villa. The wedding will be mostly Italian in style, especially the food with an array of antipasti, two pasta courses, a fish course, buffet of desserts and a traditional Italian wedding cake. Bridesmaids and speeches are the only English traditions I'll be enforcing - a bride needs her girl-squad! I can't wait for our wedding day but what I'm looking forward to most is what comes after; being his wife and starting a new chapter of our lives together.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Stylist: The Wedding Stylist | Dress: Katya Katya Shehurina | Hair & Makeup: Louise Faulkner | Florist: Nina E I Fiori | Calligraphy: Beautifully Lost Studio | Venue: Villa Borghese Gardens
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