We are just obsessing over this Santorini honeymoon shoot! Dina & Nathaniel had an incredible London wedding, but those sunset shots just weren’t a possibility. So, they decided to extend their honeymoon invitation to their photographer, and Recommended Supplier, Lee Allison Photography! With a sunset shoot in Imerovigli and a sunrise shoot in Kamari, they were able to get the images they wanted. We absolutely love that Dina & Nathaniel knew what they were after and ensured it was made a reality! 

Santorini honeymoon shoot at sunrise and sunset

We met at a traditional Ethiopian festival in 2015. It’s an annual event, loads of bright colours, loud music and a really celebratory atmosphere. I was there with my friends playing football when I spotted Dina across from where we were playing - she looked amazing. She got involved in the game and I was seriously impressed with her football skills! The girls got tekkers I can tell you! I asked for her number, and the rest is history. We’ve been together for 7 years now.

Dina & Nathaniel

The proposal was a total surprise for Dina. She’d gone away for a few days with friends to Torquay, but little did she know that her friends were in on the surprise. They scoped out an amazing spot on a small hill, just overlooking the sea, reporting this all back to me. I travelled down two days later and met them at the spot. It all happened so quickly! Dina was still shocked I was there, then I popped down on one knee to propose! It was really beautiful hearing the sea in the background - a totally perfect moment.


How gorgeous and relaxed are these incredible shots? We can seriously feel all the love!

Our wedding had three very different, but all amazing venues. Lee helped us plan what we could do photo wise at each one to get them best shots at each one with the time and light we had.

Dina & Nathaniel

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Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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