Rose and Chris always wanted an intimate family wedding incorporating their children. So when Covid struct it was the perfect opportunity to have a seaside elopement. Just the bride, groom, their two daughters and a lot of love. They all looked fierce in a check suit, tutus and long sleeve wedding dress and hat. And, they all radiate joy. The beach portraits by, Recommended supplier, Laura Dean Photography are simply breathtaking.

Intimate seaside elopement with the bride in a long sleeve lace wedding dress and hat and her two daughters in tutus.

Our wedding wasn’t just about us, it was also about our two girls and the last thing we wanted was to spend the day hosting friends and family and miss out on celebrating with them. We’d been thinking to have a wedding of two halves but we knew it would be hard suggesting to our nearest and dearest that we have a wedding ceremony without them. The pandemic gave us the kick we needed to elope and plan to celebrate when restrictions are lifted and we can be with others that we love and who have supported us throughout our relationship.

Rose & Chris


We love the coast so finding a venue looking over the sea was our goal. After that we wanted everything to be comfortable and practical so we could enjoy the beach and still be parents! We both love very muted colours and quite a modern boho look so our seaside elopement all came together very quickly and easily. There were also some last-minute amendments to outfits when we realised it was forecast to rain all day! Nothing a Stetson and a leather jacket couldn’t fix though.


We took a very DIY approach to our seaside elopement. Whilst it was in the UK we were hundreds of miles from the venue and their local suppliers and in any case, we didn’t want a traditional wedding. We found small businesses on Etsy, Instagram and even eBay and every one of them were super supportive and keen to help as soon as we told them we were getting married.


We’ll never forget reading our own vows by the sea and the excitement of our girls getting to wear their beautiful dresses. And the end of the day when the girls were safely tucked up in the hotel room with the loveliest childminder whilst we were served a beautiful meal looking out over the water and had the chance to reflect on the day.

Covid couldn't stop Rose and Chris' love story who decided to marry now and party later.

Our advice is, do it your way. If that means having a small wedding and going big on the celebrations later then go for it! We were totally free to enjoy the day and each other, no pressure, no fear of things going wrong. We all got rained on, my dress got filthy, our youngest had a tantrum, none of it mattered... we laughed, we chatted, we enjoyed every minute.

Rose & Chris

What kid doesn't love the beach? What adult doesn't for that matter? So this seaside elopement was the perfect choice for Rose and Chris' family wedding. Deciding to marry now and party later and keep the first part of their wedding as intimate as possible. We love it!

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Photographer: Laura Dean Photography | Venue: Sandy Cove Hotel | Videographer: Charlotte Dart | Makeup: Amy Elizabeth | Bridal Boutique: Wear Your Love

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