A short Vanessa Cocchiaro wedding dress over a more classic, floor-length gown? Oh yeah. We've seen a lot of tradition-breaking in the last few years, and we're absolutely here for it! Marionne and Richard weren't scared to disregard conventions, either. The couple also helped each other get ready, defying the archetypal custom of the bride and groom not seeing each other until the aisle on their big day. Although the two decided to keep this legal ceremony simple (as they plan to have their big celebration in the Philippines... can I come?) they still made it incredibly chic and fashionable. Take a look!

The short Vanessa Cocchiaro wedding dress adorned by Marionne - so elegant and so relaxed at the same time

Apart from the obvious of saying "I do", our favourite moment was breaking tradition by the intimacy of spending time and helping each other get ready. We blared out easy-going music, sipped on some bubbly and had our amazing photographer Heather capture the precious moments. Let's not forget the cheeky charcuterie board when getting ready that went down a treat too!

Marionne & Richard


The Vanessa Cocchiaro wedding dress was the moment! The pleated sleeve and high neck mini dress with a semi-revealed back and button-up neck was a gorgeous and non-conforming choice for a wedding gown. Marionne looked stunning and effortlessly chic. Paired with a beaded veil and a ready-made bouquet, the look tied together with the intimate and relaxed theme of the ceremony perfectly. This isn't the first short wedding dress we've seen - so if you think this kind of style is right up your street, check out this short gold wedding dress!


Keeping in mind that we're saving our big day for the Philippines, the thought of being stressed twice was a big no-no. We decided we wanted a nice and chilled vibe on our special day. The inspiration was to have a bit of British touch. The celebration was here in the UK, but we still kept it very "us" in terms of our personalities and style. Then later on in the near future, we'll have our traditional Filipino wedding in the Philippines.

The Vanessa Cocchiaro wedding dress stood out against the cloudy skies of a wintery wedding 

If you come from a family-oriented background there's no doubt they will have an influence on your planning, which isn't a bad thing. But it is key to remember that it is your special day, and it is your decisions that matter the most between the two of you.

Marionne & Richard

Even in the middle of winter, Marionne shone in her short Vanessa Cocchiaro wedding dress. If this ceremony has given you some short-dress-envy, don't you worry. We've got a round-up of some of the best short dresses. Did the relaxed, casual feel of the wedding ring your bell? Take a look at some of our other registry office ceremonies. And if the break from tradition got you motivated, we've got you covered on that front, too. Finally - if a winter wedding is calling your name, head over to our Podcast, where we discuss the advantages of a colder ceremony. 

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

Photographer: Heather Sham Photography | Venue : Leatherhead Registry Office, Wotton House | Florist: Grace & Thorn | Food & Drink: The Wotton Hatch | Cake Maker: Aprils Baker London | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist : Jassi Auluck | Bridal Outfit / Designer: Vanessa Cocchiaro Paris | Bridal Boutique : NET-A-PORTER | Groom & Groomsmen Outfit(s): Tru Clothing | Shoes: Jimmy Choo , GH Bass x Maharishi

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