One of the absolute pleasures of doing this job is sharing new discoveries in the wedding world. Rosie & Danni, the duo behind our favourite new wedding styling company, Beatnik Bride, have hard hitting fashion backgrounds with the likes of Net-a-Porter and Liberty. As is so often the case, when the pair married their significant others, they both felt no-one in the industry was offering what they required and so, they set up shop themselves. And now the stylish pair bring their fashion and styling backgrounds to the wedding world. Those of you who read regularly will know I'm a sucker for simple styling, with beautiful photography. And it really is simple here, there isn't a plethora of items on the tables, the brides beauty look isn't fussy - it's all about carefully chosen pieces that work in harmony together to create something symphonic. Which Beatnik Bride have done to perfection. As you'd expect, the outfit choices are impeccable. Throw in one of the best photographers in the business, Benjamin Wheeler, and the final result is spine tingling - and I really mean that. These images are mesmerising, alluring, very feminine and sexy in a sultry but subtle way. And I just know it's going to enchant you too...if this is what Autumn looks like, then I'm more than ready.

The Inspiration

Rosie The Stylist: This shoot was inspired by Dutch painter Rachel Ruysch who focused on painting beautiful wild floral arrangements on flowing fabric runners. We both had the pleasure of working with Ben before our respective wedding businesses began. Our paths still cross in fashion, but it is truly a privilege to work with him on weddings. He's got an incredible knack for natural light and manages to turn such simple moments into the most romantic scenes. Ben found the amazing location and really captured the narrative running through the styling and floristry with his photographs. We asked Frida to work with us on this shoot as her floristry skills are true works of art! In a romantic but also run down setting, the colours of the 18th century town house brought the images together. Grand floral displays in urns and detailed arrangements added texture to the rooms, with natural light spilling in from the windows. Candles were a big part of this shoot too, we scattered them throughout the house and across the tables for a warm vintage feel. For the outfits we wanted to mix bold jewellery and embellished dresses with floral veils to show our love for accessories and to give the shoot a modern twist. We wanted to prove that colour and texture isn't to be afraid of when it comes to styling your wedding outfit.

About Beatnik Bride

We created Beatnik Bride as a bespoke styling service to ensure a responsibility for all visual aspects on a couples wedding day. Venues are great at running a tight ship but often lack a visual finesse that help set the overall mood, they have a tendency to approach all weddings with the same formula. Our background in fashion and photography means we always have an overall aesthetic at the heart of all decisions. We style and art direct as our 9-5 so a move to weddings was an exciting but comfortable step!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Creative Direction & Styling: Beatnik Bride | Styling Assistant: Yolande Elliott | Florist: Frida Kim Flowers | Hair & Make Up: Leanna Gabriel | Model: Andrea S via Nevs | Location: Truman Brewery | Production Hire: 123 Lighting Rental | Veils: Ann Marie Faulkner | Megan Sophia | Daisy Sheldon | Table Runners: Pompom Blossom | Dresses: Savin London | Katya Shehurina | Halfpenny London | Jewellery: Vicki Sarge | Pebble London | Plates & Table Linen: H&M | Candle Sticks & Vintage Glassware: Beatnik Bride | Cream Candles: Nordic House | Tall Candles: Charles Farris
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