This quirky Scottish wedding literally screams our ethos Your Day Your Way and we absolutely LOVE it. With the gorgeous couple turning their home into their reception venue and having the ultimate house party. Decorating it with more than a few amusing DIY signs, a gin bar and leading guests from the pub lunch wedding breakfast to their party central with a fabulous brass band procession through the city streets. Sophie & Colin look so relaxed and at ease with their guests and each other, and are literally having the time of their lives. This is one epic party I would have loved to have been at. Rock My Wedding faves Tub of Jelly have captured every essence of this couples personality not to mention all the delicious decor. You just HAVE TO check out the video below too, it'll put you in a good move for weeks. Adding to the uniqueness of this intimate wedding is Sophie's gorgeous Zimmerman gown. She looks like an absolute siren with it fitting in all the right places. You would not believe it only cost a mere £100! And not to be forgotten groom Colin who also sports a dashing red Slaters waistcoat that POPS under his Harris Tweed jacket fabulously. Shall we take a look? Guaranteed you'll be beaming from ear to ear, and giggling at all their signage.

The Dress

Sophie the Bride: Relaxed Aussie boho bride style with a 20's twist (fringe beaded bag and silver scalloped heels) . I wanted to be happy and comfortable throughout the day and also wear something that I can slip back into again barefoot on a beach... or barefoot later on in the evening as I dance the night away.

Grooms Attire

Peaky Blinders meets Gatsby gentleman in a Glasgow boozer. Colin didn't want the fuss of the usual attire, so went for a penny collared shirt with a modern gold stud. Something he looked absolutely dapper in, but could wear again.


The House party! We chose to have it at home as we love our house, an old converted fire station which looks over The North Kelvin Meadow (and the Children's Wood). It has an awesomely high ceiling, and a perfect old wooden floor ideal for music and dancing (or foot stomping). The house flows nicely from one room to another, and we didn't want it to feel like a wedding. We wanted it to feel like we had all our great friends and family round for a proper celebration that was fun, care free & represented us and our love of anything weird and wonderful (we stayed well away from any formal fuss) Plus we liked the idea of planning something unique and having it at home was the perfect excuse to plot little surprises along the way that the guests knew nothing about (Brass Aye marching us home from the restaurant, a band in the living room, the impromptu Ceilidh in the street, Bygone Photography hiding up stairs, the Gin Bar, the secret garden out the back that Colin had built especially over the summer). Essentially it was an installation of our life as a wedding. We didn't have to do too much styling, the furniture the art, pictures & ornaments set the scene - it was us!

Colour Scheme/Decor

There is a lot of green looking into our house from the North Kelvin meadow, and the actual building itself, so we used that as the main colour to set off all the bright colours (brightly coloured paper bunting and flowers) and gold glitter we scattered everywhere else (gold glitter dipped feathers and confetti). If anything the meadow was the true inspiration with the beautiful bright flowers bursting from the tall green grasses, and the gold glitter was perfect to represent the June sunshine. We also had some inspiration from Pinterest, anyone who knows us knows we love laughing and humour, so we incorporated that in with various signs we made, which we dotted about the house)


I bought the main 'wild meadow' flowers from Roots and fruits, again keeping in theme with the wild meadow that we love and which overlooks the house. The rest of the flowers throughout the house were from the local Tesco (haha) where I bought a crazy mixture of bright flowers, made a few random bunches by mixing them all together, and sticking them in coffee tins (which I had spent the year collecting - It was easy. I live on coffee since having our toddler little miss Esme Wild)

Wedding Party Fashion

Relaxed and happy - Again we wanted everyone to be comfortable and be themselves! Pick a dress or suit in their own style, I was excited to see them all that wedding morning! The only thing we did ask was that the bridesmaids to chose a shade of green (any shade they liked though)... Our flower girl Esme Wild (our wee daughter) wore a wee simple pretty white dress. Again so she was comfy and happy (we had little white cotton PJ's on stand by if she wanted to get even comfier!)


My friends from home (Faye Bird & Lisa Rennison) did a reading - 'Marriage' Anon (Marriage is about giving and taking
 And forging and forsaking
, Kissing and loving and pushing and shoving
 etc etc ( A funny wee poem! Beer Tasting - Laura Henderson designed everyone's place setting as a Beer Tasting menu. The Beer tasting itself represented our relationship Journey and had a funny story with each one... (Savanna Cider (Africa), where Colin and I met / Little Creatures (Australian) our first date was a trip to Oz / Amstel (Amsterdam) where Colin proposed... there was also a QR code you could scan on the beer mat which showed the proposal which was on YouTube from Amsterdam Light Festival / Thatchers Gold (Glastonbury) Our favourite festival in the world, and another crazy date. Finally Joker IPA (Scotland) representing our new life in Glasgow and our wee Weegie Esme Wild. Brass Aye Marched us home from the wedding dinner to the evening party in a Glasgow upbeat take of a New Orleans Jazz march! We also made everyone a hangover kit - Cocktail Mason Jars filled with a tipple (gin /whiskey / vodka), paracetamol tablets, Vitamin sachet, chewing gum, chocolate, sweeties & the some all important coffee sachets!


Following lunch at Cail Bruich, we went next door to The Oran Mor for a quick pint (while our bridesmaids and us nipped around the corner to the house to get the champers ready and add the finishing touches to the decor). We picked up the brollies and met everyone again. Walking across the road to through the Glasgow Botanic Gardens our guests were surprised when Brass Aye (pretending to be buskers) started playing and marching us home. They played in the street for a while, then we had Papa Shandy and the Drams get the party fully started with their amazing rock and folk style.


Cakes were made by our guests for the Great Wedding Bake off (Winner - Zoe Roberston) We were eating amazing cakes for a month after which was an added bonus!!! Canapes & Main Menu were put together by the amazingly talented Chefs Chris & Paul Charalambous at Cail Bruich - Their menu is constantly evolving in accordance with seasonal produce, so we only knew what would be available a few days before which was really exciting! All guests had a menu and chose what they would like that day, it's beautiful & clever Scottish cooking with ingredients from local suppliers which kept in with our homestyle 'local' theme and added to the uniqueness of the day.

Photographer & Videographer

Tub Of Jelly - We love the style and realness that is captured through their photography & videography which was perfect for our day. Nothing was staged or stuffy, it was vibrant, fun and in the moment. You guys little bottled the true essence of our honest, fun, care free, wild, wonderful, soulful wedding and we can't thank you enough!! xxx Bygone Photo Booth, are an awesome couple who have a vintage twist on the usual style of booths. Again, we wanted something personal that would make everyone feel comfortable to let their fun side shine. Joe and Steph are brilliant and the photo strips and message book are something we will treasure forever!!


Keep it real b*tches haha!! Best bit of advice. Be true to you, your style, your humour, your relationship and everything you love. Do it your way, don't be afraid to get weird and wonderful, or what anyone will think. Our guests were part of our day and journey and we incorporated that in without the fussiness of traditional "weddings". We kept it small to keep it personal and unique, and true to us.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Bridal Gown: Zimmerman | Jewellery: Sarah Brown | Bridal Shoes: Daisy Street from ASOS | Ceremony: Registry Office | Wedding Breakfast: Cali Bruich | Reception /Party: Home | Fish & Chip Supper: Mario's | Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS | Oliver Bonas | Reiss | Groomsmen Jacket: Harris Tweed | Waistcoat: Slaters | Trousers: Zara | Shirt: ASOS | Stationery: Laura Henderson Illustration | Brass Band: Brass Aye | Live Band: Papas Handy and the Drams | Photo Booth: Bygone Photo Booth

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