You'll be forgiven for thinking this intimate rooftop wedding is a shoot because firstly the couple are mega babes, sporting a stylish sparkle wedding dress and burgundy suit! And secondly, the styling by Pixy With Love is off the chart with a naked tipi structure covered in fairy lights, rugs, cushions and candles lights. There are also neutral flower arrangements mixed with pampas grass and dried eucalyptus, plus, some incredible champagne popping and confetti exploding celebratory wedding day moments captured by Martina Skrobot Photography.

What Made Our Day Unique

As a couple, we love doing almost everything together. So, we took up Spanish lessons. During the first lesson, our teacher advised us to choose our own Spanish names, which would be our Spanish alter egos. Every lesson we became Julia and Daniel and it was so much fun! We often caught ourselves being Julia and Daniel outside of the classroom. It not only helped us learn the language, but we also bonded more and had fun adventures being other people. So, we knew we had to use those names for our invitations and our family and closes friends loved it! Everything was perfect! You plan a wedding and make sure it will all be the way you imagined it, but it was even better. When we got to the rooftop, it wasn't just a beautiful location, we had stepped into a different world. It was magical. We still get chills just thinking about our perfect day!

Julia & Daniel

Sparkle Wedding Dress

Julia wanted a gown that was light and airy. She didn't want anything too traditional because that just wasn't her. Her photographer Martina Skrobot recommended Gray Bridal, and she fell in love with her sparkle wedding dress at first sight. It's not hard to see why! Made of soft nude tulle and colourful sequins it dazzled during the rooftop ceremony with the sun setting in the background, adding to the magic of this intimate rooftop wedding.

Inspiration & Styling

We wanted things simple and intimate, so we didn't choose any music suppliers. We listened to our own playlists and did all of the singing. It was a recipe for fun! The only request we had was for the wedding to take place at our hometown centre. Pixy With Love did the rest and inspired us with an idea of a rooftop wedding with a boho vibe.

Julia & Daniel


Everything you can plan, plan early. When the wedding day comes, forget everything you didn't do, and don't spoil your day by thinking about the things you can't change anymore.

Julia & Daniel

We're not going to lie, we're more than a little bit in love with Julia's sparkly wedding dress. If you'd like to dazzle on your wedding day and would like to see more sequin wedding dresses, take a look at these Vegas and Spanish elopements featuring glitterati dresses.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Location: Buliding Rooftoop, Zagreb, Croatia | Wedding Dress: Gray Bridal | Grooms Suit: Zara | Florist: Pixy With Love | Cake: Pixy With Love | Hair & Makeup : Makeup by Matea | Stationery: Lettera | Planner/Stylist: Pixy With Love | Decor & Hire: Pixy With Love

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