Having trouble finding Bridesmaids dresses to put a Spring in your step? Worry not, we've scoured the high street and our industry faves to find you a selection of gorgeous dresses in this seasons hottest and most beautiful shades. Powder blue - which is just so effortlessly pretty and adds a cool, clean tone to proceedings. And Sherbet Lemon which is the softest of yellow tones, ethereal and like rays of sunshine on an early Spring morning. And luckily for us, the shops are full of stylish, easy to wear dresses in these gorgeous colours. Ready to find your bridesmaids dresses in one easy click? Thought so!
{Powder Blue Bridesmaids Dress Inspiration}
If I look back at the weddings I've blogged so far this year, I'd say almost every other wedding has had gorgeous girls in blue dresses. Is it the new blush pink? Maybe - it's certainly universally flattering and a shade that mixes well with other colours. The cooler tone is perfect for a sunny wedding, it'll photograph beautifully and really allow pastel flowers to shine through, the soft pinks and peachy tones will look warmer for it. Plus it works really well with classic suit shades such as navy and grey, meaning your wedding party will look utterly ravishing in those all important group shots.
{Sherbet Lemon Bridesmaids Dress Inspiration}
If you're after a shade that's going to be huge and you want to be ahead of the curve then sherbet lemon is for you. Yes, I'm being that specific, but it's not just any yellow. It's a soft, barely there yellow that's gentle and soothing, rather than it's bolder citrus cousin. Finding bridesmaids in this tone was tricky as you'll see below, so I'd love to see some RMW bridesmaids sporting this shade. Despite what you might think, yellow is a lovely shade on most skin types as it's a brightener - even in this pale tone. So there you have it. Powder blue and sherbet lemon. Are your bridesmaids wearing these colours for your big day? Are there any other colours you think will be big this season? And if anyone has found any other online shopping gems we've missed do let us know! Sharing is caring and we all love a good dress hunt!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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