For those in the midst of planning a spring/summer wedding this year or even next - yellow is undoubtedly a colour theme that has crossed your path. Whether you want to ensure your wedding evokes the same cheeriness that the warmer months of the year bring, or you simply think yellow is the perfect tone to suit all your leading ladies on your wedding day - we’re enjoying the influx of yellow bridesmaid dresses this season just as much as you are. 

However, while the simple instruction of obtaining a yellow bridesmaid is enough for some, others might want to narrow down the quintessential shade - after all, there are so many to choose from! 

To make your job just that little bit easier, we’ve pulled together the best collection of yellow bridesmaid dresses on-trend for this season, as well as divided them based on whether they’re affordable vs luxury to save you heaps of time browsing for your dream bridal party dresses. 

From an elegant and muted pale yellow to the sunshine epitome lemon yellow - perfect for standing out on the big day - our collection of yellow bridesmaid dresses includes something for everyone!

So, whether you’ve been inspired by the season alone or the iconic How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days yellow dress, you’re in the right place.

Our favourite yellow bridesmaid dresses for spring/summer 2024

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With so much planning involved for brides edging towards their wedding day, we thought we’d give you a little nudge in the right direction when selecting your all-important bridesmaid dresses

So, if a yellow bridesmaid dress has tickled your fancy for your spring/summer wedding seeped in sunshine - look no further!

Pastel yellow bridesmaid dresses

Pastel yellow defined: A gentle and serene hue, whispers of softness and delicate charm. With lower saturation, it embodies a lighter, almost ethereal quality, reminiscent of a soft sunset glow. Ideal for those who appreciate a subtle and ultra-feminine touch, pastel yellow brings a sense of tranquillity and sophistication to any palette. This delicate hue is perfect for creating a light and airy ambience, infusing spaces with a quiet elegance that is both timeless and soothing.

Affordable pastel yellow bridesmaid dresses

These gorgeous satin offerings from Club L London and PrettyLittleThing are the perfect pastel tone to have your bridesmaids looking and feeling amazing on your big day! Better yet, these dresses are suitable for lower budgets - who said you have to splurge a lot to bag a style you love?

Luxury pastel yellow bridesmaid dresses

If pastel yellow has caught your eye, but you have slightly more cash to spare. We adore these picks from Fenwick and Free People. The Yellow Taffeta Midi Dress from Fenwick boasts a classic bridesmaid style, suitable for all ages within your bridal party - while the ethereal Free People design in a darker pastel shade offers a billowy fit and exposed back to take your bridesmaids from day to night.

Pale yellow bridesmaid dresses

Pale yellow defined: So, how can pale yellow be differentiated from pastel yellow, we hear you asking? Maintaining a gentle tone, pale yellow distinguishes itself with a touch more warmth and slightly higher saturation than its pastel counterpart. While pastel yellow whispers of softness, pale yellow speaks in a more muted yet confidently sophisticated tone. It's the choice for those seeking a delicate balance between subtlety and a hint of vibrancy.

Affordable pale yellow bridesmaid dresses

Our favourite yellow bridesmaid dresses from River Island and PrettyLittleThing are a dream for a bride on a budget. With easy-breezy, flowy silhouettes - these are ideal for a spring/summer wedding where temperatures are expected to soar.

Luxury pale yellow bridesmaid dresses

We know that the boundaries between affordable and luxury can come in all shapes and sizes and will depend on how many people you have within your bridal party. No matter how much you plan to spend on bridesmaid dresses, we have a classic midi dress on hand to suit everyone. Satin is the perfect material to exude luxury, no matter where the dress sits on the scale of opulence. We love these dresses from Harvey Nichols and Omnes in a gorgeous shade of pale yellow for utter elegance.

Lemon yellow bridesmaid dresses

Lemon yellow defined: A burst of radiant energy that commands attention with its bright and vibrant personality. Unlike its more subdued counterparts, lemon yellow is all about making a bold statement. This lively hue boasts a cheerful and zesty appearance reminiscent of ripe lemons in the sunlight. Ideal for those who want to infuse their palette with a pop of colour, lemon yellow radiates warmth and positivity, ensuring a lively and dynamic presence in any setting. It's the go-to choice for those who embrace the vibrancy and zest of life in their colour palette.

Affordable lemon yellow bridesmaid dresses

Don’t forget to scan the sales for gorgeous lemon-yellow bridesmaid dresses if you’re on a budget! You never know when you’ll discover some unmissable gems like these picks from Warehouse and Wolf and Badger. From just £50 and under, bag your bridesmaid dresses for less.

Luxury lemon yellow bridesmaid dresses

These long, elegant maxi dresses from Pinko and Stella McCartney boast a vibrant shade of lemon-yellow to ensure your bridesmaids beautifully stand out on your big day. Whether you want to stick with a classic lemony shade or edge over to an eye-catching lime, any kind of citrus is synonymous with spring/summer!

Mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses

Mustard yellow defined: A distinctive and sophisticated hue that adds a touch of warmth and depth to the colour spectrum. Unlike the bright vitality of lemon yellow, mustard yellow takes on a more subdued and earthy personality. With a richer saturation and hints of brown undertones, this shade resembles the golden richness of mustard seeds. Perfect for those seeking a refined yet bold statement, mustard yellow effortlessly blends warmth and versatility. 

Affordable mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses

These pleated midaxi styles from Phase Eight and John Lewis in a stunning, rich mustard tone are the perfect way to elevate your wedding to exude warmth on your big day. We love mustard for an earthy, barn or outdoorsy wedding, and with both styles under £100 - you can’t go wrong!

Luxury mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses

While mustard tones already give off a sense of luxury, why not take it up a notch with our favourites from Phase Eight and Farmrio? The halter neckline and flowing loose silhouettes adopted by both styles provide a flattering fit, sure to make everyone feel confident on your special day.

Sunflower yellow bridesmaid dresses

Sunflower yellow defined: A radiant and uplifting tone that captures the essence of a sun-kissed flower in full bloom. Distinguished by its vivid and lively demeanour, sunflower yellow stands out with a bright, golden brilliance. Unlike the deeper, earthy tones of mustard yellow, sunflower yellow shines with an unapologetic vibrancy. This hue embodies the spirit of summer, exuding warmth and positivity wherever it appears. Ideal for those who crave a burst of sunshine in their palette, sunflower yellow brings a cheerful and spirited energy to any setting, making it the perfect choice for those who want to infuse their surroundings with the joy of sunlit days.

Affordable sunflower yellow bridesmaid dresses

For those who want their bridesmaids to shine on their wedding day, we adore these beautiful sunflower yellow bridesmaid dresses, suitable for even the lowest of budgets. Ensure your bridesmaids are the epitome of sunshine in this gorgeous tone from just under £20!

Luxury sunflower yellow bridesmaid dresses

For a bridesmaid dress that is different from the conventional and unique in style, we’re big fans of these dresses from Anthropologie and Forever New. Choose to explore print or a special touch like ruffled shoulders and your bridesmaids are sure to look ultra-trendy sporting these sunflower-esque picks.

Golden yellow bridesmaid dresses

Golden yellow defined: A luxurious and warm hue that follows the sun-kissed vibrancy of sunflower yellow with a touch of opulence. Distinctive for its rich and deep undertones, golden yellow exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication. Unlike the radiant brightness of sunflower yellow, this hue carries a deeper, more mature warmth reminiscent of precious metals. Ideal for those seeking a refined and timeless statement, golden yellow brings a touch of glamour to any setting. 

Affordable golden yellow bridesmaid dresses

If your best girls are your golden girls - why not go for a gold wedding theme and have your bridesmaids glowing? Even if you’re strapped for cash and want to avoid spending a fortune on your bridesmaid dresses, gold is the perfect way to elevate your wedding without having to part with the funds. With both stylish dresses under £50, it’s easy to bag a taste of luxury for less.

Luxury golden yellow bridesmaid dresses

Butter yellow bridesmaid dresses

Butter yellow defined: A soft and creamy hue that evokes the soothing essence of churned butter on a sunlit morning. Distinguished by its gentle and mellow tone, butter yellow brings a touch of warmth without the vibrancy of sunflower yellow or the depth of golden yellow. With a subtle, pastel-like quality, this shade exudes a calm and comforting presence. Ideal for those who favour a more understated and classic palette, butter yellow imparts a sense of tranquillity and cosiness to any space.

Affordable butter yellow bridesmaid dresses

Who knew you could bag head-turning bridesmaid dresses for £20? We did! Shop these looks from PLT and Omnes for a creamy, buttery alternative to your sunny colour scheme. Whether you like the idea of a feather dress to keep up with 2024 trends or prefer to bag something floral just in time for spring - these ultra-affordable options are both stunning!

Luxury butter yellow bridesmaid dresses

To switch things up a bit, why not consider mini bridesmaid dresses? We’re obsessed with this bias dress from LilySilk. The soft buttery tone and delicate pearl-like gloss make this a gorgeous shade of yellow for your best girls! For a taste of more affordable luxury, this House of CB midi dress boats feminine floral motifs and a classic square neckline - a style that famously suits all shapes and sizes, making this the perfect bridesmaid-worthy pick!

Perfecting your colour theme: From yellow bridesmaid dresses & beyond!

Whether you’re set on yellow bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, or open to exploring alternative colourway ideas to help you celebrate your big day - we have all the inspo you need! From black bridesmaid dresses to orange bridesmaid dresses, blue bridesmaid dresses, green bridesmaid dresses, or even mismatched, embellished or midi styles - find it all at Rock My Wedding. 

For even more advice on bridesmaid fashion, listen to our Podcast episode on Bridesmaid Dress Shopping.

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