So, by now, we’re sure you all know what hen parties and stag dos are… But what about a “sten do?” Join us as we explore one of the latest trends in pre-nuptial celebrations, unpacking everything from what they are, how to plan the perfect sten do, and if you should even consider one altogether… 

Your ultimate guide to sten dos: A combined hen and stag party


Whether you're all in one friendship group, could think of nothing better than going unconventional and celebrating with your other half, or simply looking to save some pennies - sten dos are rising in popularity. But they're not for everyone. If you're planning your upcoming hen or stag party before your big day, we're here to provide all the options to help you celebrate in style AND in a way that suits you and your spouse-to-be. 

So, whether you've heard of a sten do or are here to get all the deets before you fully commit - they should be on your radar! 


What is a sten do?

If you've not guessed by now, a sten do is a joint hen and stag party encompassing both halves of the bridal party and groomsmen, and bride and groom-to-be for double the pre-wedding fun! In short, a sten do requires the nearly-wed couple to gather all their friends to celebrate in one big group. Sounds fun, right? Opting for a sten do is the perfect option for couples with overlapping friendship groups, or some couples are even choosing to have separate hen and stag parties and then come together closer to the wedding for one big Sten - especially popular for destination weddings! 

Beyond a union of the couple's friends on both sides, the term "sten do" is also becoming more popular amongst celebrations with a mixed group of attendees. While hens are typically all female and stags all male, sten parties might be a preferred phrase for mixed-gendered friendship groups. 

On a similar note, some couples might not want to place any emphasis on gender at all! The term "sten do" reflects a broader shift toward inclusivity and diversity in wedding celebrations. By embracing gender-neutral language, couples can ensure that all their guests feel welcome and valued. After all, the focus should be on creating unforgettable memories with loved ones, regardless of labels or categories. So, whether you're planning a sten do or any other type of celebration, remember – the right language sets the tone for a truly inclusive and joyous event!

What is a fox party?

Fox parties offer an inclusive twist on traditional stag and hen celebrations, providing a gender-neutral option for couples who prefer to sidestep the gendered stereotypes often associated with those events. 

This alternative is popular amongst couples where one or both partners identify as non-binary, transgender, or gender non-conforming. And, for gay or queer couples, the notion of hosting separate stag or hen parties may not resonate, as these terms typically imply gender counterparts. Embracing the term "fox party" allows couples to break free from these constraints and create a celebration that reflects their unique identities and relationships. 

But why a fox? Unlike stags (male deer) and hens (female chicken), foxes aren't inherently gendered animals, making them a fitting symbol for a celebration that embraces diversity and individuality. 

How to plan the perfect sten do


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So, you have your heart set on a sten do - but how do you ensure the celebration is just perfect for the nearly-weds? As the term is relatively new, we're here to help you with all the finer planning details to guarantee the sten is one to remember! From destination & activity ideas to games & entertainment, decoration, accessories and more - find it all here... 

Sten Do ideas

  1. Holiday getaway: Plan a weekend trip to a destination you've always wanted to explore, whether it's a beach resort, a cosy cabin in the mountains, or a vibrant city.     
  2. Throw a party: Host a themed party at home or rent a venue for a private celebration with music, drinks, and dancing to celebrate your sten in style. 
  3. Festival fun: What better way than to celebrate your sten dancing away at a music festival with all your favourite artists and DJs?                                                          
  4. Pub crawl: Explore the city nightlife or a nearby town with a pub crawl, visiting different bars and pubs for drinks and entertainment.
  5. Bottomless brunch: Enjoy a lively brunch with unlimited drinks for an activity that promises to carry your group from day to night!                       
  6. Game night extravaganza: Host a game night with an array of board, card and party games for some friendly competition. 
  7. Comedy club: Enjoy a night of laughter at a comedy club, where you can watch stand-up performances and enjoy drinks with friends.                                     
  8. Casino night: Try your luck at a casino, playing games like blackjack, roulette, and poker for a thrilling night of gambling and entertainment.
  9. Karaoke night: Sing your hearts out at a karaoke bar, taking turns to showcase your vocal talents and dance the night away.                                       
  10. Dinner and drinks: Have a fancy dinner at a trendy restaurant followed by cocktails at a rooftop bar or speakeasy for a sophisticated night out on the town.
  11. Cocktail-making class: Learn the art of mixology at a cocktail-making class, where you can create and sample delicious drinks under the guidance of a professional bartender.​​​​​​
  12. Beach bonanza: Spend a relaxing day at the beach with beach games, water sports, and a beach barbecue to enjoy the sun and sand together.
  13. Adventure day: Plan an action-packed day of outdoor activities like zip-lining, kayaking, or rock climbing for an adrenaline-fueled experience.                     
  14. City scavenger hunt: Organise a scavenger hunt in the city, complete with challenges, clues, and checkpoints at iconic landmarks for a fun and interactive day out.
  15. Camping adventure: Escape to the great outdoors for a camping trip filled with hiking, stargazing, and campfire stories for a rustic and memorable experience. 
  16. Theme park thrills: Spend the day at a theme park, riding roller coasters, playing games, and indulging in carnival treats for a day of fun and excitement.                            

Sten Do games


  1. Couple trivia: Create a quiz with questions about the couple's relationship, history, and preferences. Split into teams and see who knows the most about the nearly-wed pair.
  2. Wedding charades: Act out wedding-related words or phrases, like "bridezilla," "first dance," or "wedding cake," and have teams guess what you're portraying.
  3. Couple challenges: Plan fun challenges or tasks for the couple to complete together, such as a three-legged race, blindfolded obstacle course, or balloon-popping contest.
  4. Wedding Pictionary: Draw wedding-themed images on a whiteboard or paper and have teams guess what each drawing represents. The team with the most correct guesses wins.
  5. Bride vs. Groom games: Organise friendly competitions between the bride and groom or their respective teams, such as tug-of-war, relay races, or mini-golf tournaments.
  6. Marriage advice cards: Provide guests with blank cards to write down marriage advice or wishes for the couple. Collect the cards and read them aloud for a heartwarming (and funny) activity.
  7. Photo scavenger hunt: Create a list of wedding-related items or scenarios for teams to find and photograph around the party venue or city. The team with the most creative or complete photos wins.
  8. Wedding bingo: Customise bingo cards with common wedding-related words or scenarios, such as "teary-eyed moment," "best man speech," or "dance floor kiss." Guests mark off squares as they witness each moment during the sten do.
  9. Wedding trivia quiz: Test guests' knowledge of weddings, traditions, and pop culture with a trivia quiz. Include questions about famous weddings, movie weddings, and global wedding traditions.

Sten Do decorations

  1. Bunting: Hang bunting in the wedding colours or with fun messages to add a festive touch to the venue.
  2. Fairy lights: There’s nothing better than gorgeous lighting! Create a magical atmosphere with twinkling fairy lights draped around the party area.
  3. Balloons: Use balloons in the wedding colours or with customised messages to enhance the decor.
  4. Table Centrepieces: Arrange elegant floral centrepieces or themed decorations for the tables.
  5. Photo booth: Set up a photo booth with props and backdrops for entertaining photo opportunities to remember the night for years to come!
  6. Signage: Display signs with directions, welcome messages, or humorous quotes to guide guests and add charm.
  7. Themed backdrops: Create themed backdrops for photo opportunities or as focal points in the venue.
  8. Personalised banners: Hang personalised banners or banners with the couple's names (or faces) to celebrate the occasion.

Sten Do accessories

  1. Custom t-shirts: Design custom t-shirts for all guests with phrases like "Team Bride" and "Team Groom" or "Sten Squad" to unify the group.
  2. Matching hats or caps: Get matching hats or caps embroidered with the wedding date or a fun slogan to wear. 
  3. Sunglasses: Provide sunglasses with a personalised design featuring the couple's names or wedding hashtag for a stylish accessory.
  4. Temporary tattoos: Create temporary tattoos with designs representing the couple's interests or inside jokes for a playful and unique addition.
  5. Sashes: Prepare sashes for the couple to wear for easy identification during the celebration. It's a rite of passage to embarrass the nearly-weds, after all! 
  6. Fancy dress accessories: Include fun and quirky accessories like feather boas, oversized glasses, or costume jewellery for themed dress-up moments.
  7. Customised water bottles: Offer personalised water bottles with the couple's names or wedding dates to keep everyone hydrated throughout the festivities (especially necessary for sten weekends - no one wants a sore head).

Are sten dos in? Why choose a combined hen and stag party


Why choose a combined hen and stag party? Because it's the ultimate celebration of friendship and love, bringing together both halves of the soon-to-be-wed couple for double the fun and memories.

As you gear up for your fox party or sten do, ensuring it's perfect for your lucky couple is no easy feat! From choosing the right decorations, sure to create that "wow" moment, to planning engaging activities, every detail matters! 

If you're looking for more inspiration and tips on wedding planning, check out our articles on themes, entertainment ideas and playlist must-haves to make your celebration unforgettable. Happy planning!

Shona Ezimogho-Moran

Written by Shona Ezimogho-Moran

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