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As much fun as weddings are naturally, going big with your wedding entertainment is sure to make your special day one to remember. If your wedding guest list is a bit of a mixed bag, finding the perfect wedding entertainment to keep everyone content can be challenging. While some might want to dance the night away at the reception, others might prefer more laid-back activities like a signature cocktail menu, alternative food options, or a live painter capturing special moments. 

With so much to plan in the lead-up to your wedding, thinking of wedding entertainment ideas to enthral guests of all ages is no easy feat. We've compiled a huge 101 wedding entertainment ideas that are, most importantly, not at all cringy or cheesy! You'll find them organised based on theme, so no matter what vibe you're going for - it's super easy to keep your attendees happy!


Browse our wedding entertainment ideas to find yourself spoilt for choice, ensuring your wedding is remembered (for all the right reasons, of course!)

Creative Wedding Entertainment Ideas


1. Live painter capturing the wedding day scene & guests in real time

Get ready to witness your wedding day come to life in vibrant strokes of colour with a live painter capturing the scene and your guests in real-time! While you might already have a videographer and photographer on hand, a liver painter offers a romantically unique and personalised touch that guests will love! 


2. DIY craft station where guests can create their own wedding favours or keepsakes

Dive into a world of DIY fun by putting on a craft station! Guests can craft their own wedding favours or keepsakes, putting their unique spin on your special day. Not only does this give them something to take home and treasure from your big day, but it also makes for a fun activity to keep everyone entertained. Better yet, crafty DIY is something suitable for all ages. 


3. Poetry slam featuring readings of love poems or personalised verses written by guests

What else promises love is in the air like a poetry slam? Invite guests to share readings of love poems and personalised verses, adding a touch of romance to the festivities. 


4. DIY terrarium or succulent planting station for guests to create their own mini gardens

Bring a little green into your big day with a DIY terrarium or succulent planting station. Guests can create their own mini gardens, making memories that grow with each passing day - the perfect way to commemorate your union! 


5. Live calligraphy demonstration showcasing the art of handwritten lettering for personalised letters to the couple

Elevate your event with elegant handwritten touches! Hire a calligraphy expert to showcase the art of beautiful lettering, offering personalised keepsakes for you and your guests. After all, in an age of constant texting, nothing beats a personalised, handwritten letter from the people you love most. 


6. Live caricature artist creating guest portraits

Embrace the whimsy with a caricature artist, capturing your guests' personalities in hilarious caricatures, ensuring laughs all around! However, if caricature style isn't your thing, traditional guest portraits painted with beautiful watercolours or acrylics are also an option. Whether you're heading down the comedic route or not, guest portraits are always a win! 


7. Face painting for the little ones

If you're also hosting children at your wedding, let the kiddos unleash their imaginations with face painting, turning them into superheroes, princesses, or wild animals for the day! There's nothing like an expert face painter nearby to signal the sign of a good party. 


8. Children’s colouring stations

In need of more kid-themed entertainment? Keep the little ones entertained with colouring stations, where they can add their own colourful touches to the celebration. Why not put up a wall by their colouring station where they can pin up their finished drawings and guests can admire their artistic brilliance? 


9. Invite guests to share their words of wisdom with advice cards

Gather pearls of wisdom and heartfelt advice with advice cards, creating a treasure trove of guidance and well-wishes for the soon-to-be-wed couple. With guests of all ages (and wisdom levels) in attendance, advice cards are an easy and effective way to guarantee a marriage that will last a lifetime! 


10. Host a cake topper competition 

Ignite some friendly competition with a cake topper contest! Let guests design unique toppers, adding a playful flair to your dessert display. Whatever your brief - from mini versions of the happy couple to something that best represents them - proudly position the winning piece at the top of the wedding cake for a prize that offers nothing material but a whole lot of pride. 


11. DIY flower crown station

If you have a crafty bunch on your hands, get ready to adorn yourselves with floral finesse at a flower crown station! Guests can fashion their Insta-worthy accessories, adding an ethereal touch to your celebration. We love this idea for boho and outdoor weddings in particular! 

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Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas


12. Photo booth with fun props

Strike a pose at a wedding photo booth adorned with fun props, capturing unforgettable moments with your loved ones. While your wedding photographer will make sure you come away from the day with stunning photos you adore, there's nothing wrong with throwing some silly ones in, too! 


13. Tarot card reader for a mystical touch

Delve into the mystic realm with a tarot card reader, adding a touch of intrigue and magic to your celebration. Allow your guests to see what the future holds for them - a life full of love... We hope! 


14. Games and Outdoor Fun

Let the games begin with interactive fun! Challenge guests to giant Jenga, cornhole, or lawn games like croquet and boules for outdoor entertainment - perfect for spring and summer weddings outside. 


15. Outdoor film screening under the stars + popcorn stand

Wind down and enjoy the magic of cinema under the stars with an outdoor film screening, complete with a popcorn stand for a classic movie night vibe. Complete your experience with a giant projector, bean bags and heaps of fairy lights for an experience to remember. 


16. Outdoor scavenger hunt with clues and challenges

Embark on an outdoor scavenger hunt filled with clues and challenges, leading guests to hidden treasures scattered around the venue. An outdoor treasure hunt is an ideal opportunity to split guests into teams to get acquainted - the perfect icebreaker! 


17. Mini golf course

Tee up for some mini-golf excitement, providing a playful twist to your wedding day festivities. Golf is the perfect way to appease the 'golf dads' amongst your guests in a way everyone will want to get involved! Add fun props to your course for some added excitement. 


18. Arrange a fireworks display 

What better way to end your festivities than with a bang? Light up the night sky with a breathtaking fireworks display, adding a dazzling finale to your celebration. Fireworks also make for a surefire way to impress your guests!


19. Have retro games 

Turn back the clock with retro games, invoking nostalgia and fun for guests of all ages. Retro wedding themes remain popular with a bold and colourful palette, so why not complete your theme with retro-inspired entertainment, too? 


20. Put out wedding table games

Keep guests entertained at their tables with wedding table games, an easy and affordable way to get guests talking and mingling at the reception. 


21. Enjoy the nostalgic fun of fairground games and rides

Transport guests to the funfair with nostalgic fairground games and rides, ideal for keeping the thrill seekers amongst you entertained. Whether you opt for a classic and romantic wheel or something with higher speeds - why not go big for your wedding entertainment? 


22. Have a go at a choreographed first dance 

Sometimes, you don't need to call on external sources to entertain your guests; take matters into your own hands! Dance the night away with a choreographed first dance, and impress your nearest and dearest with your moves. 


23. Beer pong 

Test your aim and coordination with a game of beer pong, a beloved favourite among the most fun wedding guests. If beer isn't the most popular choice, why not level up your entertainment with prosecco pong instead? The more sophisticated alternative... Some might say.


24. Hire a bouncy castle 

Bounce into fun with a bouncy castle, offering guests of all ages a chance to let loose and play. Whoever said bouncy castles were for kids, anyway?


25. Fire breathers 

Heat things up with fire breathers for a fiery spectacle to your wedding celebration. Fire breathers are a popular choice for destination weddings, especially - making for the most exhilarating entertainment when the sun goes down. 


26. Drag queens

Dazzle your wedding guests with drag queen entertainment, bringing flair and fabulousness to your special day. Drag shows feature lip-syncing, dancing, comedy, and audience interaction, creating an atmosphere of joy, acceptance, and celebration of individuality, promising to entertain, uplift, and leave a lasting impression on your guests. It'd be hard not to have fun at your wedding! 


27. Piñata

Unleash excitement with a piñata, full of treats and surprises for guests to tuck into. While we all love snacks, piñatas also make for fun wedding entertainment - especially when everyone's blindfolded. But don't forget to watch out for the bat! 


28. Bonfire after dark 

Gather around the bonfire after dark for cosy conversations and s'mores under the starlit sky. Bonfires are the perfect way to end a summer wedding and keep warm outside even when the sun goes down. Take the time to share stories and memories about the newlyweds. 


29. Glitter bars

Add some sparkle to your festival-themed wedding with glitter bars, offering guests a chance to shine and shimmer. If you're getting married in the summer, a 'wedstival' is the perfect way to relive your Glasto days! 

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Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas


30. Cupcake decorating station with colourful toppings

Let guests unleash their creativity with a cupcake decorating station, stocked with colourful toppings to personalise their sweet treats. It's a delightful way to add a personal (and tasty) touch to your desserts.


31. Personalised song dedication station

Have your guests dedicate a song to the newlyweds with a personalised song dedication station. Guests can share their favourite tunes and heartfelt messages, creating a playlist filled with love and memories.


32. Glow stick dance party with neon accessories

Light up the dance floor with our glow stick dance party, featuring neon accessories for an electrifying atmosphere. It's a fun and vibrant way to keep the party going all night. The best thing about glow sticks is that any kids attending will love them, as well as the grown-up guests who stay on to party until the early hours! 


33. Roaming photo booth capturing candid moments

Roam around the venue with our roaming photo booth, ideal if you're a lover of capturing candid moments. Guests can strike a pose wherever they please, creating memories to cherish forever.


34. Surprise flash mob 

Get everyone on their feet with a surprise flash mob coordinated by the bridal party and a few extra helping hands. It's a lively and unexpected way to kick off the dancing and get the energy flowing. From an impressive dance number to bringing in a specialised choir or band, guests will love this surprise!


35. Comedy improv show for some laughter 

Indulge in some laughter with a comedy improv show, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and keep spirits high throughout the evening. Be sure to warn guests not to sit too close to the front, obviously!


36. Salsa dance lesson to spice up the dance floor

Heat up the dance floor with a salsa dance lesson or showcase from professional dancers, perfect for getting guests of all ages up and moving. It's a fun and energetic way to add some Latin flair to your celebration.


37. DIY perfume or cologne blending bar for signature wedding scents 

Create signature wedding scents with a DIY perfume or cologne blending bar, where guests can mix and match fragrances to create their personalised scent. It's a unique and memorable experience for all - especially if you've also made your own wedding scents for the big day! 


38. Hire an alpaca petting farm 

Delight your guests with an alpaca petting farm, where they can interact with these gentle creatures and snap some adorable photos. It's a charming addition to any outdoor wedding celebration. Who doesn't love a furry friend? 


39. Live circus and acrobatic performance

Amaze your guests with a live circus and acrobatic performance, and treat your guests to jaw-dropping stunts and breathtaking feats. It's a show-stopping spectacle that will leave everyone in awe.

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Quirky Wedding Entertainment Ideas


40. Fortune teller booth for mystical predictions

Step into the mystical world of our fortune teller booth, where guests can receive intriguing predictions and insights into their future. It's a whimsical addition to your wedding, adding an element of mystery and intrigue.


41. Giant inflatable obstacle course for playful competition

Challenge your guests to a playful competition with our giant inflatable obstacle course. It's a fun and energetic way to keep everyone entertained and engaged throughout the celebration - complete total wipeout vibes!


42. Hula hoop performers 

Marvel at the mesmerising skills of hula hoop performers as they showcase their talent and dazzle your guests with captivating routines. It's a unique and eye-catching form of entertainment that's sure to impress, and we bet you haven't seen this kind of entertainment at a wedding previously.


43. Flash tattoo station with temporary designs

Set up a flash tattoo station, offering guests a variety of temporary designs to choose from - it's a fun way to add a touch of flair to your celebration and allow your guests to express themselves.


44. Interactive digital graffiti wall for artistic expression

Allow guests to unleash their creativity on an interactive digital graffiti wall, where guests can express themselves through artistic expression. It's a modern and dynamic form of entertainment that's perfect for art-loving guests.


45. Strolling magician performing close-up magic tricks

Consider a strolling magician for your wedding -  as they perform close-up magic tricks, leaving your guests spellbound. It's a captivating and interactive form of entertainment that's sure to shock and amaze! 


46. Surprise singing waiters to keep your guests on their toes 

Keep your guests on their toes with surprise singing waiters who'll burst into song and serenade your guests with their unexpected performances. It's a fun and interactive way to add a touch of spontaneity to your reception.


47. Surprise wedding haircuts

If you're one to keep up with TikTok bridal trends, we know you've heard of the latest surprise of the moment - dubbed the "wedding chop". This is when a bride steps away before the reception or cake cutting to get a surprise haircut, revealed to the guests - and even their new spouse! A big chop is the perfect way to make a statement, especially if you've already been considering a new and shiny haircut


48. Pop-up casino 

Didn't quite make it to Vegas for your hen or stag - the Hangover style? Why not add some excitement to your wedding with a pop-up casino, featuring classic games like blackjack, roulette, and poker? It's a glamorous and thrilling addition to your reception, perfect for guests who love a bit of friendly competition.

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Personalised Wedding Entertainment Ideas


49. Customised wedding crossword puzzle featuring facts about the couple

Dive into a custom wedding crossword puzzle featuring facts about the happy couple, providing guests with a personalised and interactive activity to enjoy during the celebration.  A personalised crossword puzzle is ideal for some easy table entertainment to keep guests going. 


50. Personalised wedding Mad Libs for guests to fill out with funny anecdotes

Laugh along with personalised wedding Mad Libs, where guests can fill out funny anecdotes and stories, creating hilarious and memorable keepsakes for the newlyweds to cherish.


51. Photo scavenger hunt with a list of personalised items for guests to find and capture

Embark on a photo scavenger hunt featuring a list of personalised items for guests to find and capture, encouraging them to explore and document special moments throughout the wedding day. The perfect entertainment for outdoor, garden or woodland weddings to break up the day and get everyone moving and bonding! 


52. Guestbook fingerprint tree

Leave your mark on the celebration with a guestbook fingerprint tree, where guests can leave their thumbprints as leaves on a tree, creating a unique and meaningful piece of art for the newlyweds to cherish.


53. Customised trivia game about the couple's relationship and interests

Get your guests to test your knowledge with a customised trivia game about the couple's relationship and interests, providing guests with an entertaining and interactive way to learn more about the lovebirds.


54. Mr and Mrs quiz/ the shoe game 

Get ready for some laughs with the Mr. and Mrs. quiz, also known as the shoe game, where the newlyweds answer questions about each other back to back by raising shoes or a paddle to indicate their answers - the perfect time to see how well they really know each other! 


55. Personalised wedding bingo 

Play a round of personalised wedding bingo at your reception featuring squares filled with unique aspects of the wedding day, adding a fun and interactive element to the celebration for guests of all ages.


56. Customised playlist incorporating song requests from guests on RSVP cards

Dance the night away to a customised playlist incorporating song requests from guests on RSVP cards, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to hear their favourite tunes during the reception - a surefire way to get everyone up and dancing.


57. Get your guests involved in creating the perfect confetti shot

Involve your guests in creating the perfect confetti shot, where everyone gathers to toss confetti in the air for a stunning and memorable photo moment. Leave confetti pouches on each seat for ultimate effect! 


58. Customised wedding favours tailored to each guest's interests or preferences

Say thank you to your guests with personalised wedding favours tailored to each guest's interests or preferences, providing them with a thoughtful and meaningful memento to remember the special day.


59. Personalised wedding newspaper for a fun little take-home memento

Give your guests a piece of your wedding to take home with a personalised wedding newspaper featuring highlights and headlines from the celebration. What better way than to capture the magic and memories of the day in print?

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Music Wedding Entertainment Ideas


60. Live band performance

Get the party started with a live band performing a mix of classic hits and contemporary favourites, ensuring there's something for everyone to dance to and enjoy throughout the night.


61. Jazz quartet for a sophisticated ambience during cocktail hour or dinner

Set the mood with a jazz quartet, creating a sophisticated ambience during cocktail hour or dinner with smooth melodies and stylish tunes that'll leave your guests feeling classy and relaxed - ready for the night ahead.


62. Acoustic guitarist serenading guests with romantic melodies

Indulge in romantic melodies as an acoustic guitarist serenades guests, providing the perfect soundtrack for intimate moments and heartfelt conversations.


63. String quartet for an elegant touch to the ceremony or reception

Elevate your ceremony or reception with the elegant touch of a string quartet, filling the air with timeless classics and beautiful harmonies that'll leave a lasting impression on your guests.


64. Dueling pianos for interactive entertainment and sing-alongs

Engage your guests with duelling pianos, offering interactive entertainment and sing-alongs to get everyone joining in on the fun - a unique touch for a wedding reception. 


65. Mariachi band bringing festive energy with traditional tunes

Inject some festive energy into your celebration with a lively mariachi band, bringing traditional tunes and vibrant melodies that'll have everyone up and dancing in no time.


66. Tribute band paying homage to the couple's favourites

Pay homage to your favourite artists or music genres with a tribute band, delivering electrifying performances that capture the essence and spirit of the music you love.


67. DJ spinning a personalised playlist tailored to the couple's musical tastes

Keep the party going with a DJ spinning a personalised playlist tailored to your musical tastes, ensuring that every song reflects the perfect vibe and energy of your special day. Extra points if they take requests! 


68. Silent disco where guests can dance to different channels of music through wireless headphones

Experience the ultimate dance-off with a silent disco, where guests can groove to different music channels through wireless headphones, creating a unique and immersive party experience.


69. Live karaoke for guests to sing their hearts out

Take centre stage and belt out your favourite tunes with a live karaoke band, inviting guests to showcase their vocal talents and unleash their inner rockstars for a night to remember. From cheesy tunes to karaoke classics - nothing's off-limit! 


70. Dance floor with professional dancers to get everyone moving

Get everyone moving with a dance floor featuring professional dancers who'll lead the way with captivating choreography and infectious energy to keep the party going all night long. 


71. Roaming wedding band for fun interaction

Keep the entertainment flowing with a roaming wedding band, bringing the party to life with fun interactions and spontaneous performances that'll keep your guests engaged and entertained from start to finish.

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Food & Drink Wedding Entertainment Ideas


72. Wine or whiskey tasting station

Indulge in a wine or whiskey-tasting station, where guests can sample a variety of fine spirits and discover new favourites, adding a touch of sophistication to your celebration.


73. Craft cocktail bar with mixologists

Immerse your guests in the art of mixology with a craft cocktail bar manned by expert mixologists, serving up signature drinks and bespoke concoctions, all unique to your special day. 


74. Cigar rolling station for a touch of luxury

Elevate your event with a cigar rolling station, offering guests a touch of luxury as they enjoy hand-rolled cigars and premium tobacco, perfect for cigar enthusiasts to unwind and relax.


75. Chocolate fountain for sweet indulgence

Delight your guests with a chocolate fountain, where they can dip and drizzle an array of sweet treats in cascading chocolate, creating a deliciously indulgent experience that'll satisfy any sweet tooth.


76. Put on a delicious dessert table spread 

Treat your guests to a mouthwatering dessert table spread, featuring an irresistible selection of cakes, pastries, and confections that'll leave them coming back for seconds (and thirds!).


77. Ice cream cart serving delicious treats

Cool off with an ice cream cart serving up scoops of delicious treats in a variety of flavours, providing a refreshing and kid-friendly touch to your wedding festivities.


78. Doughnut wall with a variety of flavours

Add a fun touch to your event with a doughnut wall featuring a variety of flavours and toppings, allowing guests to indulge in these delightful treats throughout the celebration.


79. Candy buffet for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth

Create a candy buffet filled with an assortment of sweets and treats, allowing guests to satisfy their sweet tooth with an array of sugary delights. A tasty and visually appealing way to appease your loved ones! 


80. S'mores station for a cosy fireside treat

Gather around the fire for a cosy s'mores station, where guests can roast marshmallows and assemble gooey treats for a nostalgic fireside experience.


81. Food trucks offering a variety of cuisines

Treat your guests to a culinary adventure with food trucks offering a variety of cuisines, from staple pizza to gourmet burgers and international street food favourites, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.


82. Cooking demonstration with a celebrity chef

Delight your guests with a cooking demonstration, open kitchen style, by a celebrity chef. Showcase gourmet techniques and culinary delights that'll leave them inspired and impressed - ready for the wedding meal of a lifetime. 


83. Wine blending activity for wine enthusiasts

Engage wine enthusiasts with a wine pairing and blending activity, where guests can create their own custom blends under the guidance of expert vintners, adding a personalised touch to your wedding celebration.


84. Craft beer tasting with local breweries

Raise a glass to local breweries with a craft beer tasting, featuring a selection of artisanal brews and hoppy favourites that'll delight beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. There's nothing like supporting your local! 


85. Mixology class with professional bartenders

Shake things up with a mixology class led by professional bartenders, teaching guests the art of crafting cocktails and mocktails with flair and finesse.


86. Treat your guests to a grazing table for late-night snacking 

Keep the party going with a grazing table filled with savoury snacks and nibbles, providing a delicious late-night treat for guests to enjoy as they dance the night away.


87. Coffee vans or hot chocolate stations

Offer guests a comforting sip with coffee vans or hot chocolate stations, providing non-alcoholic options for those looking to warm up and relax.


88. DIY Pimp your prosecco station

Pop the bubbly and let guests customise their fizz with a DIY pimp your prosecco station, featuring an array of fruits, syrups, and garnishes for the perfect sparkling sip.


89. elevate the celebration with a Champagne tower 

Create a stunning focal point with a champagne tower, where guests can enjoy the spectacle of cascading bubbles as glasses are filled to the brim with effervescent champagne, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur to your reception - the perfect moment to toast to the happy couple. Who doesn't want a glass of the best bubbles at a wedding?

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Sentimental Wedding Entertainment Ideas


90. Love letter writing station where guests can write heartfelt messages to the couple

Provide a heartfelt space for guests to write their warmest wishes and sentiments to the couple at a love letter writing station, ensuring cherished memories and words of love are captured for the years to come.


91. Memory lane photo slideshow featuring photos of the couple throughout their relationship

Take a sentimental journey through the couple's relationship with a memory lane photo slideshow full of cherished moments and milestones that have led them to this beautiful day. Better yet, this is the perfect moment to sneak in an embarrassing photo or two - it's a wedding, after all! 


92. Host a ring warming at the ceremony where guests hold and bless the couple's wedding rings

Invite guests to partake in a ring-warming ceremony, where they hold and imbue the couple's wedding rings with their heartfelt blessings and well-wishes, symbolising the love and support of their cherished community.


93. Live wedding vow renewal ceremony for couples celebrating milestone anniversaries

Mark milestone anniversaries with a live wedding vow renewal ceremony, where couples can reaffirm their love and commitment surrounded by family and friends who have been a part of their journey.


94. Family tree display showcasing photos and memorabilia from both sides of the family

Display a family tree showcasing photos and memorabilia from both sides of the family, honouring the rich tapestry of love and lineage that has brought the couple together.


95. Unity candle lighting ceremony symbolising the merging of two families into one

Illuminate the path ahead with a unity candle lighting ceremony, symbolising the merging of two families into one and the eternal flame of love that will guide the couple through life's journey together - how special!


96. Photo memory book station where guests can add photos and well wishes for the couple

Create lasting memories with a photo memory book station, where guests can contribute photos and well-wishes, sharing precious moments and heartfelt sentiments from the day.


97. Love story timeline highlighting significant moments in the couple's relationship

Trace the beautiful journey of the couple's love story with a timeline highlighting significant moments and milestones, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the magic of their romance from the very beginning to the present day.


98. In Memoriam tribute honouring loved ones who are no longer with us

Pay tribute to loved ones no longer with us with an in memoriam tribute, honouring their memory and the undeniable mark they've left on the couple's lives - perfect for ensuring they're part of your special day.


99. Handfasting ceremony where guests can participate in tying the couple's hands together with ribbon

Unite the couple in love and commitment with a handfasting ceremony, where guests can participate in binding their hands together with ribbon, symbolising the eternal bond they share.


100. Share a montage of home videos

Share intimate glimpses of the couple's journey with a montage of home videos, offering guests a touching insight into the behind-closed-doors moments that have shaped their love story.


101. Opt for a video guest book to receive personal messages from guests

Capture heartfelt messages and well-wishes from guests with a video guest book or DIY video stations equipped with iPads, providing a modern twist on the traditional guest book and creating a treasure trove of memories for the couple to cherish.

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Choosing The Best Wedding Entertainment Idea for You! 


Treat your guests to a day (and night) they'll remember forever, with our favourite 101 wedding entertainment ideas. Whether you consider yourself a creative person, someone who's sentimental in life, a big lover of music, or just fun in general - we have something for everyone!


For even more inspo, check out our top wedding entertainment suppliers or browse our favourite fun wedding game ideas and kids' entertainment ideas

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