Sunset Wedding at Euridge Manor (The Lost Orangery ) with Minimalist Pronovias Wedding Dress & Burgundy Bridesmaids by Joab Smith Photography Pin Image

Sunset Wedding at Euridge Manor with Minimalist Pronovias Wedding Dress

Holly and Jack met at Wake Forest University in the USA 5 years ago and wanted their wedding to be a huge celebration, colliding their two worlds. Euridge Manor set amongst the roaring hills was the most beautiful venue for their blend of American bravado and English tradition, with American guests getting dress inspiration from Peaky Blinders. The images by Joab Smith capture light and love in equal measures making this sunset wedding off the chart adorable.


“The theme of the wedding was “Quintessentially English.” From the vintage English Bubble Bros Prosecco Bike and buses, to the Ploughman’s Platter starter, and servers wearing plaid! Whilst it had this theme running through, I didn’t want it to spiral out of control. The styling was that of an autumnal English garden; the plentiful shrubbery/ivory/foliage made choosing a palette a lot easier. We stuck to burgundy, burnt orange and browns. We were blessed to have an incredibly warm day in October- who would have thought! But we had hot cider, plaid blankets, and several open braziers to add to this autumnal aesthetic!” – Holly & Jack

Sunset Wedding

Most couples during their wedding day are blessed with a golden hour, but it seems Holly & Jack’s English wedding was blessed with glorious dappled light the whole day! Joab Smith Photography captures each special moment in a candid and incredibly artistic way seamlessly blending in so the new bride and groom could enjoy every moment with their wedding guests. We think deciding to get married at dusk and have a sunset wedding could definitely catch on, especially when the results are this beautiful.


“We loved the day before the wedding, with all the anticipation and the arrival of all of our loved ones; it is customary for American weddings to have a rehearsal dinner, so instead, we had a welcome party in the evening for those travelling a long way! This included champagne and canapes which started off the weekend with a bang! On the actual day, we had everyone congregate at our hotel (the guests thought the ceremony was going to be there) for a champagne reception. We then bussed them to the actual venue- I love looking at the pictures to see their surprise at the relocation, and the shock at how beautiful the venue was! Our ceremony was extremely beautiful and personal; our celebrant, Samantha (found on The List) was fab and catered a quick yet meaningful ceremony that nobody fell asleep in! The cherry on the top was Samantha’s “Story of Us.” She sent a questionnaire months back to understand the workings of our relationship, which was used to mould an incredible outlining of why our love was so special. Not a dry eye in the house!” – Holly & Jack

Holly & Jack chose many of their suppliers through RMW’s handpicked supplier directory The List, which we love hearing. Especially when they play such a memorable and integral part of the celebrations as their celebrant Samantha did. They also offer some fantastic advice to aid your planning in the form of “Budgeting is key” They both prioritised what was important to them and ensured their expectations were met. For Jack, it was the food, and for Holly, it was the flowers! A girl after my own heart. If you’re unsure how to allocate your wedding budget have a read of our article and take a listen to our podcast to get you started.

Photography by Joab Smith Photography
Author: Lorna Shaw
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